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Imperial German history blogs.

Post by joerookery » Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:18 pm

There is a Facebook group called German1914
and a page in Facebook
so if you are interested in finding how out about the states that are behind your Wappen.....

Today's blog is the start of the discussion about states. There was a winner of the vote about which way to go. This is an excellent starting point for someone jumping in the middle of the blogs. It will also dovetail a bit into biography. Today's book recommendation to support this blog is a book by Christopher Clark the author of "Sleepwalkers". And has a very wide readership. You can often find used hardback copies somewhat cheaper. He gives a very very thought-provoking analysis of Hindenburg/Ludendorff. Take a look
The British philosopher and historian R.G. Colligwood said, "it is not
the facts that are interesting in history, but the questions and their
answers - and these can never be fixed.

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