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    My Saxon Infantry Officer Pickelhaube

    Like the helmet, love the view !
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    M15 Prussian Officer

    Absolute beauty for a M15 (y)
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    Mod. 1900 helmet for other ranks of East Expeditionary Corps

    Just stunning helmets :love: :love:
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    Saxon reserve infantry officer

    That is a Wopper, Amy ! What a the Wappen...
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    Kaiserlichemarine konvolut.

    Gorgious stuff, Zebb.. I now regret even more that I sold my ersatz version from 1915....
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    K.A.R parade helmet

    That's a nice one , Jonas (y)
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    My haul at SOS 2023

    You had a good hunt James. Well done !...great items !...gorgious Tschapka :love: (y) (y)
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    Tropenhelm Mod. 1904

    I found in my photo archive this photo from 1911 with 7 soldiers with that helmet, sitting on a cardboard elephant.
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    Photos SOS 2023

    Wonderful additions Amy !! the Pelzmütze and the camo :love: :love:
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    Dragoon Regt 16 Enlisted man helmet

    Stunning piece, Steve.... (y)
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    1912 Cavalry Carbine Sheath

    Beautiful !! (y)
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    Tropenhelm Mod. 1904

    Beautiful and rare beast (y) fantastic Zeb !
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    Mecklenburg Jager Batl 14

    They are beautiful, Steve !...
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    1871 Cavalry Carbine marked to 13UR

    Fantastic piece ! (y) :love:
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    Schirmmützen – Saxon Uhlans

    Beautifull pieces ! (y) :love: