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    Baden Foot Artillery Reserve Officer FsAR14

    Not exactly a new find but this one has a unique reserve cross on it. As this is a reserve unit, it should not have the motto but many reserves units do have it. This one also has the Prussian LWK reserve cross instead of the Kingdom LWK reserve cross. The look at the back of the wappen...
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    Württemberg spikehelmet metal

    I like that helmet.
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    The Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

    The Queen has visited Singapore three times and she is well loved by Singaporeans. R I P
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    Pretty ugly Reserve officer's haube.

    Cut a v shape on the spike base.
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    Need help

    Thank you guys
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    Need help

    Can anyone read the number. I saw a 7 and in front looks like a 3 or an 8 Regards
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    WTB Bavarian General Spike Helmet, Headgear & Uniforms

    I have very positive experience with age of Kings. They are nice guys
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    WTB Bavarian General Spike Helmet, Headgear & Uniforms

    Age of Kings has a bavarian general spike
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    War Bond Helmets

    Nice article
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    Alive from having covid

    I caught it from my friend when we went on a short trip to Malaysia. She had very mild symptoms and recover in 3 days. Another friend caught the virus too and because her household has 3 elderly she requested to be sent to the isolation facility. I isolated myself at home and still having my flu...
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    Officer Pickelhaube Parts for Sale

    Round visor or square visor? EM or officer? Roughly what is the length from stud to stud?
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    Alive from having covid

    I was able to view what's going on in the forum but just too tired to react. Recovered after 5 days down with covid. My taste and smell has not returned but sure it will. So let's hear about your covid experience if you have gone through it.
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    What do you guys think of this felt ?

    Surprise that you missed it as there are not too many sellers from Singapore or rather just one person