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    My first pickelhaube restoration

    Congratulations. What ‘s the regiment. The spike and base are white and the spine doesn’t have the two round head brads? I can’t find a reference to it.
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    Rare And Original

    I’mm sorry, I should have made my sarcasm easier to see.
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    Mecklenburg officer cockarde.

    Does anyone has a original single Meckelenburg officer cockarde they would sell? I have a original Mecklenburg NCO cockarde that I would include as part exchang if wanted.
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    Officer Tschapka - 1st Bavarian Uhlan-Regiment „Emperor Wilhelm II., King of Prussia“

    Why are serious Tschapka collectors on the forum made no comments on this one.
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    Rare And Original

    It's not helpful to ridicule anything without taking time to explain the faults....................!
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    Three Pickelhaubes from a deceased estate

    Interesting stitching. It's plain to see that a section has been removed to reduce the size. The neck guard should be as wide as the visor. It's considerably narrower.