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    Cleaning sword scabbard

    I have a chance to pick up a scabbard for a M89 saber. The photos show some rust. Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the inside of the scabbard? I figure that Hoppes will remove any active rust, but how do you remove the Hoppes?
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    The Order of the Black Eagle Today

    The Johanniterorden is still awarded today under German federal law. The head of the order is Prinz Oskar von Preussen, though German citizens must obtain permission from the federal president to wear the decoration (always granted!). The order operates a nationwide ambulance and rescue...
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    Elvis was sighted in infantry Regiment 107

    Well, he was of German descent. The family name was originally Pressler.
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    WTB Model 1889 Scabbard

    any condition - pls email [email protected]
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    My father's uncle in Austrian uniform

    A family photo I got from a relative a few years ago. I included an Austrian Tapferkeitsmedaille in the grouping like the one he is wearing in the photo. From his "pips" I believe he was a Zugsfuehrer. [img=]
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    Dragonerregiment 4 Kaiser Ferdinand

    Alas, the gear did not survive in our family. Franz did not survive, either. He died in the East early in the war.
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    Dragonerregiment 4 Kaiser Ferdinand

    Austrian, but still a very cool dragoon helmet. This was my father's uncle Franz.
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    M 1893 lance point

    Looking to make a lance, as close to the M1893 as possible. IMA carried repros of these for a while, but they are out and not planning on getting more. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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    My Grandfather - Which Regiment?

    Some recently acquired photos of my father's uncle Franz here: As you can see, he was in the Austrian heavy cavalry. Can anybody identify the regiment? He was from Karlsbad in the Kingdom of Bohemia.