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    Made in the United Kingdom repro/fake Oldenburg Dragoon Officer Helmet

    Evidence that our skilled tradesmen are long gone !
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    Rare French ersatz helmet

    Dear all, A very rare ersatz French Adrian helmet. Conversely to the Germans, the French would not allow those helmets to be worn at the front. They were made by private manufacturers (one in fact) for use when away from the battlefield. As a private purchase, it would be bought mostly by...
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    Prussian ersatz kugel

    Thanks gents for the comments 👍🏼
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    Prussian ersatz kugel

    Dear All, It has been ages since I posted anything! Here is a fairly recent acquisition: a little felt for a Prussian artilleryman, named. The helmet has aged nicely with with all the metal parts having aged nicely and turned almost black. The interesting feature is the chinstrap which appears...
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    Two Prussian Green Steel Ersatz helmets with slightly different features.

    Great helmets James. Not easy to find those ones, especially in this condition. Best Alex
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    French Shako unknown date and service

    No worries. The plate should be a brass exploding grenade with a band underneath with the motto “Ecole Spéciale Militaire”. Second Empire shakos are much taller. BTW - The pompon is also not correct. Best Alex
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    French Shako unknown date and service

    Hi. No it is a shako for an NCO of Saint Cyr school (the French military school for officiers) with a Second Empire eagle added on. Plaque and body don’t belong with each other though. Best
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    Schirmmutze for Baden reserve Jager officer

    Dear All, here is for sale a lovely looking schirmmutze for a Baden reserve officer. lovely and elegant high crown in beautiful condition with no moth nips on the red piping whatsoever. the doeskin is almost in flawless condition. The cap would easily rate rate 1 but for the following: -...
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    Proof that they weren't always valued.

    Hi Ron, This is a French fireman helmet of around 1890 / 1910 with a comb for a French dragon helmet mod. 1874. So yes you are right, a mixture of military and non-military items. Here is the helmet from which the comb comes from. Best Alex
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    Strange Metal M15 Ersatz photos

    An interesting one.... I have never seen one like this before but, in my opinion, not necessary one which should be classified as “not legit”. The construction looks too correct to be a fake and yet, as previously mentioned, it is not a construction pattern which I can recall having ever...
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    Ersatz Green painted Cuirassier helmet

    Superb helmet ! Alex
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    Yes I love ersatz pichelhaube.

    Interesting point noted Brian. I will check mine and get back to you Zeb. Alex
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    Yes I love ersatz pichelhaube.

    The main differences between yours and mine seem to be the side reinforcements
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    Yes I love ersatz pichelhaube.

    Here we go Zeb..