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    Single officers shoulder strap Kurassiere Regt 5 with double underlay

    This Saturday, Centurion Auctions out of Florida sold a Kurassiere Regiment Nr. 5 officer's Kollar with epaulettes and bandolier ( no cartridge box) in fairly good shape for hammer price of $3600 plus the usual fees . I did get caught up in the bidding and still lost.
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    Best way to ship from Eu to USA

    Speaking of shipping....I sent 5 "antique" medals to Australia in March and it was $71 since Australia ,I was told ,would only allow priority express shipping from the USA. A policy remnant of the COVID scare there, no doubt. I was also told it might go down again in the "future". Yesterday, I...
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    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Mine came this afternoon. I was interested why at least two busbies lot # 4116 and #4171 can only be shipped within the E.U.?
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    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Fed Ex says catalog on the way.
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    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    i'm still waiting too
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    Paul Sanders: Author of "Imperial German Hussars 1880-1910"

    Thank you so much Steve for the update. I am really out of the loop. I hope there will be a dragoon book out someday of the same caliber. Kyle
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    Paul Sanders: Author of "Imperial German Hussars 1880-1910"

    Does anyone know Mr. Sanders? His two volume book is one of my top 10 reference books. It was written in 2004. Year after year I wait for a similar book to come out on the dragoons, uhlans or kürassiers. I tried to write his publisher ,Schiffer Military History , in Atglen, PA to inquire if...
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    H R 9

    Great story!
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    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    I ordered one.
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    My best latest find purchase at the S O S 2022

    Congratulation on your purchase !
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    SOS 2022 pics

    Thanks so much for posting. I heard the German dealers were there. This is the one I should have gone to. Sigh... only three helmets I "needed".
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    Need assistance with Rangliste Lookup on an Officer, Heinrich Dautzenberger?

    My copy of the 1914 Saxon Army Rank List at page 108 lists the same Dautzenberg (21.2.10) as above, in the 21st Ulanen-Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm II, with Dautzenberg a leutnant stationed in Zwickau. I hope that helps . Kyle
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    Our Fearless Leader is injured

    May your recovery be rapid! Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Kyle
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    Wanted WWI Prussian Regimental Histories

    Just in case I win the lottery , how much for the full set?
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    Small Ads Rip-Off

    This happened to me a year ago on German eBay concerning a Prussian pioneer officer's helmet . The seller had a 98% rating with 260 comments on sales and purchases .There was also a photo of the presumed seller and his little son. How could this go wrong!?! So I bid and won, there were a...