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    What Do You All Think Of The Feldzug Series Of Books ?

    I agree with James, excellent photography but not much written content. There are some fantastic items pictured. G2
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    a family story

    Thanks for your family story and the start of collecting interest. Mine was similar in that my father, a WWII European vet, brought home some war trophies. My interests run the gamut of German to US. I'll join with the others in agreement on your statement of passion. G2
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    Bullet versus blade

    Fortunes of war. Luck was with him that day. Thanks for the history lesson. G2
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    Photobucket alternative that WORKS

    Why can't this site be altered to host pictures? Many other forums do, why not this one? Thanks, G2
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    Type I Reichskriegsflagge

    Probably will never know the true story, but it's a great piece and makes an excellent backdrop. G2
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    Vimy Weekend - Lineol 21cm Mörser M10/16

    Great story with a cool toy attached. G2
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    Gunner's Quadrant for 7.7cm FK16

    Nice item, probably not seen often. Thanks, G2
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    Gew 91 Regimental Markings?

    Thats a nice looking carbine. Lots of other interesting things in the photo, M2 50 cal underneath. Must be quite a store you're shopping at. G2
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    Under Arms of the Kaiser by Mike Kelso

    Could you post ordering info please? No luck with or Google search for sellers. Thanks, G2
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    Some flare guns (kommandantur Lille)

    Nice collection, thanks for the images. G2
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    box for 700 bullets (fur pistole 08)

    Thanks for the additional images. G2
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    Some flare guns (kommandantur Lille)

    Thanks for the pics. The FP bug bit me a few years ago. They are fascinating, many unique variations to collect. My field has been German first and second world war. G2
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    I'm a member of several forums, they all have a method to use stored images from the users computer. Why can't this be done here? Thanks. G2
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    box for 700 bullets (fur pistole 08)

    That is a very cool and desirable collectable. Do you know the dimensions? Thanks for the pics. G2