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    1 LHR 1 and 2 LHR 2

    Thanks for the info LondonCity Thanks travelnstuff. Budapest was amazing and wouldve liked to spend more time in Hungary.
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    New Fakes - British and Ottoman Headgear

    and in a timely manner, we get a donation in british pounds? Oh well, it all spends the same Thanks timelessbeing
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    Gus and Maggie visit

    Im really looking forward to meeting Gus. I think that with a training, I can get him to fetch my coffee, probably spill less than I do. Hes a handsome dude for sure
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    Favorite Flea Markets?

    I recently moved back to New York... kind of. I wasnt collecting when I was originally living here, and now since its about to get warmer, Im wondering if there are any flea markets in the NYC/Long Island/Northern NJ area worth my time. Do any of you have experience with flea markets in the area?
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    new member from belgium

    So New member from Sweden. Do not have a 6,5 Grendel, yet. But are planning to build one and this place seems to be the right spot for info. BR /Second
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    Regimental Standard Grouping

    Great grouping. That is one VERY unusual 13th Airborne Division patch Ive never seen an airborne tab in those colors. Could you post a photo of the reverse? Kurt