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    A minor Baden set.

    Very nice helmet and that stein is super cool! James
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    Great stuff Bruno and top notch helmet with history! James
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    Mr. Potato Head Guard Pickelhaube

    :poop: this would probably be mine!
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    SOS 2022 February 24-26th

    I am hearing many Europeans are coming this time, not sure who on the dealer side? James
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    Mr. Potato Head Guard Pickelhaube

    Now to figure out the cypher on the inside to see what nobility owned it....
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    Mr. Potato Head Guard Pickelhaube

    Jeff- appears to be a possible Prussian Generals helmet, and possibly a wartime issue as all parts should be either all silver and or all Gold in color. Hard to tell in pics, does it look like cruciform and spike had a gold wash at some time and faded, which is common with wartime zinc plated...
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    SOS 2022 February 24-26th

    ok so who is coming to this years SOS show? Gus and I will be set up as usual with many things to sell( Brian will not make it this time, but hopefully the next one.) I am bringing around 20 Pickelhauben and many wappens, shoulder boards etc. to sell along with swords etc. Make sure you stop...
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    Begian sword

    Kris- a wonderful find, one that would be prized in any collection, I have owned a couple Belgian swords over the years, but never seen one with the etched blade like this, a truly special sword. Congrats! James
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    Swedish Police "kask" pickelhaube

    I use to have several Swedish pickelhaubes, but alas had to sell them to buy more German ones. Great helmets, and Iove the enameled Police one, James
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    Happy New Year Everyone

    Happy New Year! May everyone get the helmet(s) they want James
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    Here's my last Hurrah of the year

    That is a rare bird in wonderful shape, congrats! James
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    Had a great dinner last night with Joe and Janet, many thanks to the host! Also picked up a copy of this great book while there! James
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    It was a fun day in Florida, had a nice lunch with Joe and Brian and did a lot of catching up! Will pick up a copy of the book tomorrow! James
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    Is it original?

    I bought one of these bad UK made ones back when I was getting started many years ago, thanks to fellow members on this forum, I was able to learn and return the bad item. James