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    Kokarden for sale and wappen

    Ok guy's I am sad to see these sets are going for $200 plus now on Ebay, so I am taking these out of my personal horde and offering them for sale. These came out of the original packing as I bought them years ago in wrappers of 8 per package. All are original and close to mint, some may have...
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    Canadians with souvenirs

    What a great picture, never seen that one before, some high end headgear shown! thanks for sharing James
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    Bayern Pickelhaube in silver

    Nice looking helmet! James
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    After Raiding The Depot

    Here is another well known photo of them getting ready to ship to the states The picture Pickelhauben posted, I have a stereoscope card of somewhere packed away.... James
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    Hessian L G I R 115

    Outstanding Steve! Great helmets James
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    New Minnesota Military Show @ Hastings MN Sept 17-18, 2022

    Thanks for the heads up Alan, I think I can make that one! James
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    Argentinian Infantry Officer Cadet

    Nice find! James
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    Hussar Regiment 17

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing, love the sword. James
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    Come on Tony, in the Snow too!
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    Bavarian Trench Art

    awesome grouping! James
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    $500 you did well, parts alone worth more then that. So Home guard wappen which usually has a spike top not the comb, but on these older helmets who knows? Are the extra holes behind the wappen where the L or M wappen would have been? Parts maybe hard to find, but keep looking on EBAY...
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    A small question for our American collector friends

    Tough question! These helmets were distributed all over the U.S. for War Bond events. So they could be anywhere. I have found a couple via Ads in newspapers, etc. However, there is no way to know for certain if some of these are War Bond helmets or not, just guessing they are due to...
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    Seldom seen Pickelhauben and their wappen

    Thanks Guy's! Tony, yes it is a stunning and rare helmet, so it was hard for me to realize how 2 came up for sale the same week, AOK has one that has now sold, and this one that I found. Funny how things happen sometimes! Best James
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    Seldom seen Pickelhauben and their wappen

    Come on Brian. I collect it all!! James
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    Seldom seen Pickelhauben and their wappen

    Raining today, so thought I would share some helmets you not see very often, some of my favorites! From left to right: 1) Prussian Waffenmeister helmet (armourer) this is my latest find and in mint condition. Officer, and yes the waffenmeister officer had studs instead of stars holding on...