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    Grossherzogl. Mecklenburg Dragoner-Regt. Nr. 17 Officer Reserve

    John This is a very sharp looking Pickelhaub, they don’t get better than this. Thank you for sharing this fantastic addition to your collection. Best regards John
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    Here's my last Hurrah of the year

    Great addition to any collection! Congratulations John
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    Cork ersatz pickelhaube

    Adam, I am glad you found a buyer for this great-looking and unique pickelhaube. Best regards, John
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    My first Pickelhaube......

    Giorgio Welcome aboard, thanks for the pictures of your pickelhaube. I’m not an expert but it looks great to me. I’d be proud to have that helmet in my bunker/man cave. Best regards John
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    Prussian felt with metal liner band

    WOW learn of something new every day! Best regards John
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    Cammo Helmet display

    Great display! Thanks for posting! Best regards John
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    Patriotic armband, bracelet.

    Great addition to the collection.
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    Seebattalion III Cabinet Card Portrait

    Dirk, Great photos the details are fantastic! Good luck on cleaning them up. Best regards John
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    My Christmas present this year 🎁

    Sandy They look like a great set of book. Thank you for giving us a peak inside of one. Merry Christmas John
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    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas One and All John
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    9th Grenadier Model 1867 Officer

    Very impressive pair of pickelhauben. Thanks much for the detailed pictures and explanation of what you found in examining the helmet John.
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    Miscellaneous box

    That is a very nice time capsule of the period that a Great War Veteran most likely brought home.
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    Offizier Feuerwerker

    Willkommen im Forum. Das ist eine schöne Uniform und Pickelhaube. Ich danke Ihnen für das Teilen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, John Welcome to the forum. That is a beautiful uniform and pickelhaube display. Thank you for sharing. Best regards, John
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    Feldgrau attila

    Based upon the discussion so far, but mostly on personal experience, I would pass on the uniform altogether. Unless it is at a bargain price, you will regret spending money and time. That is just my opinion from the cheap seats and bitter experience. Cheers! John
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    M15 tchapka

    Good Luck!