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    British collection

    Condition on everything looks to be super ! Steve
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    Yes I love ersatz pichelhaube.

    What's next ? I like it Steve
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    I have some of Jim's books and I know him and see him each year at the S O S my favorite is the one that he did on miters Steve
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    Ich bin ein Braunschweiger

    Excellent ! very rare Steve
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    My small collection

    That is a super nice Garde star on the Prussian Garde private purchase Steve
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    British collection

    Very nice ! I have one helmet plate that I need to sell Steve
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    FAR 62 with 2 & 3 Batterie Oldenberg

    Here is FAR 62 the ' A " cypher on red is for the 2 & 3 Batterie of Oldenberg before the flaming bomb with given to the artillery strap the # 10 are for the rest of the regiment. the pair is for a 1 year volunteer last is Oldenberg 2 & 3 batterie after the straps became white and the bomb...
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    Dr. 25 Esk. 3

    Your best bet would be to check and see what regiment history books might be out there for sale Steve
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    Here are some of reference books Steve
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    Dr. 25 Esk. 3

    Here is my photo I will see if I can remove it from the frame and do a scan of it I think that it is a good photo Steve
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    Dr. 25 Esk. 3

    I have a Wurttemberg Dragoon photo I will look to see what regiment It is in a frame so I will need to figure out how to scan it Steve
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    My other KD89's.

    My uncle brought back from WWII a Samurai sword When I was young he kept it at his parents house ( my Grandparents ) I would always go into the bedroom and look at it Years later someone looked at it and made him an offer of $ 10,000 for it so it must have made by a great swordsmith. Steve
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    Gibraltar Cuff Titles

    Love that photo of the soldier with the Kaiser prize Steve
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    Lanie is my everyday quick reference for helmets epaulettes & shoulder straps and uniforms Steve
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    I like both of these fellows who did these books and I have them However let me say that Randy showed me the photos that they had for the book . The photos were great . I think the books were printed in China some way the printed photos in the book did not match the quality of the submitted...