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    My other new find - Edo Kabuto Helmet

    Very nice Peter, congratulations on a great looking helmet. :thumb up: I have a few of these myself, I really like them...
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    British Blue Cloth to the Welsh Regiment

    Hi Patrick, thanks, did a test run on a piece using WD-40, didn't cut the grime...on to coca-cola Larry
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    British Blue Cloth to the Welsh Regiment

    Hi Patrick, thanks Pard for the advice, little Worcestershire sauce, a touch of Coca-Cola and we'd almost have a meal :D, I;'ve tried salt and vinegar back in the day, but it cleaned the brass to a fare-thee-well, and looked horrible afterwards, never mind the smell. I will keep you apprised of...
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    British Blue Cloth to the Welsh Regiment

    Hi Guys....sorry for the off-topic question, but regarding Coca-Cola as a cleaning solvent, do you think it would work on brass with heavy verdigris build-up? Just purchased a bunch of WWI trench art, and it all looks as if it has sat in a damp basement for a long, long while. Very dark patina...
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    British Blue Cloth to the Welsh Regiment

    Another great one Peter, I like this Brit stuff too... =D> LS
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    British K-Pattern Sun Helmet

    Good for you Peter, cool helmet :thumb up: Larry
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    French 1812 or 1860s bearskin plate

    French Second Empire, Imperial Guard Grenadier, Napoleon III
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    Armor from the Moro Insurrection

    Hi Peter Here is the image we discussed, my apologies for the quality, my copy of the 1925 Bannerman catalog is pretty poor. I checked in an original 1945 catalog, and in a better quality reprint of the 1903 catalog, but this listing doesn't appear in either. Hope it's a bit of a help.
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    Armor from the Moro Insurrection

    Hi Peter I was glancing through my copy of Bannerman's 1925 sales catalog and they list a similar set of armor as yours with a description of caribou horn plates joined with brass rings, price?, $100. That was a fair amount of money in 1925, would have bet a month's wage for a lot of folks. The...
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    Armor from the Moro Insurrection

    well done Peter, that is uber cool, ......what's the helmet look like for a set like this?
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    Glad it was of some help Ricardo, Ebeeby is also quite correct in the tapered body barrel being a tell-tale sign of a new production stein, also a big no-no is the infamous "naked lady" lithopanes seen in some modern steins. I completely understand the "batching" of artifacts to one regiment, I...
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    It looks OK to me Ricardo, since there are 5 days left on the auction, perhaps the seller will provide a better photo of the lithopane. I looked at the images of the way the top and top support fits around the handle, no sign of a loose fit, or a re-solder job that I can see from the photos. The...
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    Cristmas gift

    You must have been very good indeed :thumb up: What a nice helmet....Merry Christmas PS, I like your Christmas Tree too Larry
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 !!!

    Merry Christmas to the Pickelhaube Pals and good collecting in 2015! Here are a bunch of Christmas greetings from long ago... :army: Larry & Terri
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    From the land of the Rising Sun, Imperial Army Shako

    Thanks Stuka, glad you liked it... Hi Francis, I've seen similar photographs of what you are describing, you are quite right, what a waste... Thanks Peter and yes, this era material is difficult to find in Japan, but is available if one looks for it. There is a very interesting section...