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    13th Uhlan Regiment enlisted with shooting cord

    Great photo. My best regimental collection is for the 13U, so I might be a little partial--just a little--maybe. I have a shooting cord just like that one.
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    12th Hussar Regiment - colored

    You can just see the pride radiating from this trooper. Great photo. Notice that he has a lance shoe on his left stirrup. Since lances are normally carried on the right side, can we assume that he had a shoe on both sides? I haven't seen this in other photos.
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    Happy Fathers Day

    For all of you fathers out there, I hope that you have a happy and blessed day. That also goes for you fathers in countries that do not celebrate when we do in the USA.
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    Kurrasier Regt. Herzon Friedrich Eugen von Wurttemberg (Westpreussian) Nr. 5 Leutnant

    Thanks for showing this beautiful grouping.
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    Saxon 17th Uhlan colored

    That's really a nice photo. I like it!!
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    HR17 Enlisted man mounted

    He is a proud trooper, tall in the saddle. Love that moustache.
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    2nd Bavarian Uhlan Senior Officer

    Very nice, but I am partial to Imperial cavalry as you already know.
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    Prussian Grenadier OR's Helmet

    What a beautiful restoration job.
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    Garde Ulanen Regiment band

    Yes, I see what you are talking about. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Garde Ulanen Regiment band

    I wonder how they guide their mounts. In photos of kettle drummers, reins attached to stirrups are evident. I don't see that here.
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    Garde Ulanen Regiment band

    Nice photo.
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    Easter Greetings!

    Thank you and a blessed Easter to you all.
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    Cavalry stirrup with lance holder

    Very nice. I don't think that there are very many of these around. You and I were both lucky to find one.
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    Wappen mold

    I agree with Alan. A stamping die would have sharp detail definition, not the "fuzzy" detail that this piece demonstrates. JMHO.
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    21st Dragoon Regiment - Durch das Wasserloch

    Okay, thank you. I should have known that, but I didn't think it through.