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    WW1 German M-16 camouflage helmet of the Prussian "Gardekorps", with The Name of the soldier. Size 64

    Beware of anything from Latvia. Some very good fakes come from there.
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    No hope for success

    Very impressive! Talk about rising to the challenge!
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    Fusilier Regt 80 Fahnenfrager weddding photo

    Great photo. Unlike most such photos, they almost look like they might be happy!
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    Soldiers From 15th (2nd Westphalian) Infantry Outside The Guardroom

    I'm not seeing any Gew 98s, mostly Kar98as, and a couple of Gew 91s. Clearly an artillery unit, possibly some kind of Reserve unit judging by the age of some of the men.
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    Advanced Guard catalogue

    AGM has quality pieces, Jeff is very knowledgeable and courteous, and in the past I have purchased items from them. Now however, I find I am no longer interested in waiting anxiously for the catalog to open so I can jump through the hoops like a trained seal. I have learned if I miss something...
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    Our Fearless Leader is injured

    This. All we care about is how soon you can get back to work, and shepherd us through the complicated world of pickelhaubes and the forum. You can probably restitch visors from your hospital bed, rather than wasting time being a layabout. Seriously, take care of yourself and heal. Steve
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    M15 tschapka

    Shipping to me is only $59.72, but I’m only a boat ride and 75 miles away.
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    Garde Du Corps NCO tunic

    Nice ebay score. Thought about it myself, but coming from Turkey, I was a little concerned, especially with such a low price.
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    Picked up a copy of a book that is a collection of all the Stars & Stripes, the newspaper of the AEF published weekly from February 1918 to June 1919. A wealth of information on the AEF. In the January 10 1919 edition I found this interesting tidbit. It is part of an article about the war...
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    Dual marked M15

    Obviously a reworked and reissued helmet. Built in 1903, reworked as an M15. Steve
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    Trip to Idaho and the famous Gus Collection

    Looks like a great museum, but the mannequin's pose is a little strange. Looks like he's taking a leak.
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    My collection of sea caps of the Soviet fleet

    Sergei, One of my caps is of different construction, my feeling is it is older than the 1960s. It does not appear to have ever had the stiffener in the brim, and the lining is different.No markings that I can see. Any idea what it might be? Steve
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    My collection of sea caps of the Soviet fleet

    My paltry collection. Most date from the 1960s, my area of interest. Steve
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    WTB Depaheg Patent Officer's Vulkanfiber Haube

    I once owned a Wurttemberg officer helmet set up the same way, short leg to the rear. Fiber helmet body, no extra holes, it was clearly made that way. Almost perfect condition. I thought it was a late helmet, the stars were retained by split pins, not nuts. The base could not be reversed, or the...
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    Pickelhaube Cabinet

    Beautiful, tasteful display!