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    Saxon M15

    Wow is right. Talk about hens teeth and you have one of each. Great helmets!!!
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    Question On Hessian Grays

    Anybody ?
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    Question On Hessian Grays

    Hey Guys, Given the Germans did not throw anything away , I have 2 Hessian grays with cross bases. One with a standard spike and one with an arty ball. Both with extra holes for a standard spike base that the cross covers up. Both with NO extra holes behind the plates. Hessian plates have a...
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    Bavarian ersatz spiked helmet

    This should be an easy one to repair. Congrats
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    The best of my German steel helmets collection.

    Great display I switched from steels to spikes. I do miss them. I remember back in the day WW2 steels could be had mail order from the back of comic books for $19 You could also order personal submarines.
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    Great set up !
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    M15 spike

    There is one that just went up for sale
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    Rare French ersatz helmet

    Nice find ! I had no idea that there was such a thing
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    Prussian ersatz kugel

    Looks great to me ! Congrats !
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    M15 spike

    I check the French ,German and US ebay every day. There was a lose spike that came up last week on the French site. They sell for around $125
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    Prussian Feld Artillery Officer

    Great start . I have a Brunswick veteran's helmet with the same condition . The out side is worn but the interior is a pristine chocolate brown.
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    Canvas Ersatz Authentic?

    Well Guys, The only time I have seen these thin rivets has been on an ORIGINAL OFF WURT IN BRASS You do learn something every day !
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    Laundry list of parts.

    Tell me about it !!!
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    Rare And Original Not sure if this one is from New Deli or from a trade school practicing metal work with an Indian teacher.