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    How should one go about to to make their Curassier helmet have a better finish.

    Try brake cleaning fluid found at most car part stores.
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    First time I've seen.

    Looks very nice but they are asking twice what the helmet is worth in my opinion.
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    Issue Helmet M60 M67

    It looks like it started life as a Garde helmet . Then had the visors swapped from front to back and became a fireman's helmet with many plate changes.
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    Proud recipient of the Anhaltisches Friedrich-Kreuz

    Pardon my ignorance. What was it for ?
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    Shako Wappen Collection

    It is a great start ! Saxon ? That 10th plate I would love to have along with the shako to go with it !!!!!
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    Small restoration

    You learn something every day in this hobby. I have some officer's with a aluminum support plate but never heard of an EM spike !
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    Generals I got my ducks in a row

    Yes those are pretty sharp. That Wurt is extra special.
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    Bavarian light cavalry officer's saber

    Very nice display
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    New Felt Project

    PM sent to Night Witch. Things came up and I have not had a chance to finish this project. Hopefully next weekend.
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    Ich bin ein Braunschweiger

    Totally cool. Weitz has sold these through the years but I have always doubted there originality. I would love to have these on my shelf. Thanks for sharing !
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    Hey Brian, this ones for you!

    In order to get " real period brass" find an old fireman's helmet the comb to be specific. It s made of the same period brass and you can find them cheaply.
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    Prussian Officer Wappen

    Sorry didn't notice that you wanted an officer.
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    Prussian Officer Wappen

    I think there is one on France's ebay now.
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    Having problems

    Yes indeed. I hand a mint Baden M-15 with a nice creamy colored interior shell that had a walnut sized dent in it. I figured no harm in wetting the area with a little water and push the dent out. The area turned black !!!! I should have left it alone.
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    Fernsprechtishapparat OB 1905

    That is special