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    CCJ collection

    Hi, Very, very impressive...
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    F A R 10 Enlisted Man just joined my collection

    Thanks for your interest. My concern is about the stamp. The helmet isn't mine. So i can't post pictures anymore. I have always seen FAR10 stamp in the helmet, not on the neck. I have to choose between FAR10 and PB10 helmet....the pionnier is quite mint, so i think i will buy it.
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    F A R 10 Enlisted Man just joined my collection

    I have the oportunity to buy à FAR 10. I have always seen stamp between the two holes. Here it's on the back. What do you think about it ?
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    RIR 107

    nice bruno !!! i love reserve saxon helmet with large cross.....
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    Joe Robinson Kammer Marks part 1 and 2

    thanks a lot !!! What's happened to the site of joe? i'm not aware. thanks again. pp
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    RIR 107

    Hello, My New purchase 107 RIR helmet in mint condition. Stamp for sharing. Cocarde were adhered to the helmet. Pp
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    Latest find Weekend March 18 ,2022

    Awesome ! If i knew history I have never seen DR 23 helmet with star before. May we have some pictures of how the star is fixed? Thanks for sharing.
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    Hessian Dragoner

    Hi Bruno. Nice exemple of refurbushing helmet indeed. The duchy of Hesse wasn't the richest state of germany. May be a helmet for manoeuvers or drill exercices? Hessian dragoner helmets are among the most beautiful in my opinion.
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    Mecklenburg M95

    here, mine GR90... i'll post picture of the cocarde tomorrow. pp
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    Finally complete

    hi very nice helmet.... is there a trade mark? thanks for sharing...
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    Mecklenburg M95

    hello nice helmet.... Nice stamp. as you said, fluted spike for both officer and EM. :-k there could be a multitude of reasons to explain why yours hasn't get one.... #-o Judging from the pictures, the chinstrap ,as you said, seems to be a copy...for me the land cocarde is is totaly...
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    Pickelhaube 5 Garde Regiment

    hello brusik1... i know this helmet.... :D nice =D> pppara
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    Ostasiatiche brigade

    yes, i don't trust that too.... i find the shako on another seller site." onclick=";return false; thanks
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    Ostasiatiche brigade

    thanks khukri for your answer, i read LARCADE too...but i wanted to be sure there is not a mistake. LARCADE said that only the train coy wore a tshako. I saw a tshako last week, as described, in the LARCADE but with the star of the guard. what is it? :-k a test helmet ???? :-k thanks