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    Dragoon Helmet

    I suspect "bandits" is used here as a disparagement for german officers or ringleaders. In my understanding they have been separated and were placed under special observation that they could not cause riots or outbreaks. It’s interesting that the paramedics are openly shown as prisoners of war...
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    Prussian officer helmet

    A really nice Helmet. Thank you for the hint with the Patent-No (y)
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    Pickelhaubes my collection.

    Nice collection Wojtek, thank you for sharing (y)
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    Würtemberg Pickelhaube

    As far as I know Pioneer Reg. No. 13 would have flat Chin Scales. @ chrisutter: Yes Chris, it looks like fiber. But I have doubts according the Star-Bolts. I have problems to identify the color, but they look like silver plated, which would be wrong for this helmet. Further I saw those bow nuts...
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    Würtemberg Pickelhaube

    Welcome to the Forum, it‘s a beautiful Officer Helmet with correct Cocades from around 1900/1913. It seems to get a silver smooth Spike, Base, Rosette, Trim and and Plate, arched brass Chin Scales and brass Star-Bolts. That would match to Dragoon-Regiment No. 25 (Queen Olga, 1st Wurtt.)...
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    My little Pickelhaubes collection…

    Thank you Gentlemen ☺️
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    My little Pickelhaubes collection…

    Thank you all for your kind words. At the moment my plan is to display only 4 Helmets in the living room. For later Helmets I have my office where I have a glass cabinet. But I started the collection in the living room, because I wanted an object that would represent my interest in German...
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    My little Pickelhaubes collection…

    Dear fellow Forum-Members, it took a while but now the last boards has been custom crafted and my Helmets are on place. With 3 lovely Helmets I’m happy to start calling them “collection“ :) The good thing for such a small collection is that I can display it in my livingroom, but the bad thing is...
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    M95 Baden Pioneer Battalion No.14

    Liner looks really like made for this shell :) Don‘t know why somebody glued the Visor, many of the holes seems to be intact, right?
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    Another Garde Tschapka

    Agree, nice work (y)
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    Stitching the Ulan Visor

    Looks great Brian, well done :)
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    Some Kaiserliche Marine Asiatic Portraits

    Great photos, thank you for sharing (y)
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    Baden Enlisted Private Purchase (Economy Version)

    Nice post! Congratulations and thank you for sharing, John :)
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    Experimental bavarian alpine troops' spiked helmets.

    Thank you for sharing (y):)
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    M95 Baden Pioneer Battalion No.14

    Good luck, I‘m looking forward to the results :)