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    New cabinet July 2022

    Oh that's beautiful Steve...and a few empty spots to fill!
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    Who likes medals ????

    Oh, that's magnificent. Love the jeweler's mark.
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    Hessian L G I R 115

    Wow - what a gorgeous group. Congrats Steve!
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    Officer Hussar Regiment 17

    What a beautiful set - outstanding!
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    American médical collection

    Absolutely extraordinary collection - what a labor of love. Thanks for sharing!
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    Garde du Corps Regiment Leutnant Pre-1912

    Wow - that is magnificent.
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    About the helmet covers of the Pickelhaubes

    Thank you Sandy! Your site is an excellent reference source and learning tool.
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    The Duchy of Baden

    What a beautiful presentation of an excellent collection!
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    CCJ collection always!
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    Estate of a brave soldier

    What a marvelous grouping, and a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!
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    Braunschweig Hussar Regiment Nr 17 EN Project

    That is a marvelous grouping. I love the cap - lots of character. Thanks for sharing!
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    CCJ collection

    Outstanding - what a beautiful set!
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    Improved Website content “Development history of the Pickelhaube in Prussia“

    Wow. This is a mind-bogglingly useful resource, and an enormous labor of love. Thank you for sharing your incredibly work Sandy! (I love your site design too, BTW).
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    Change of User Name - The Member formerly known as PEBCEB

    I like this idea, especially as I did the same thing using my looooong time internet handle of septhes. Updated today, with Tony's help. So, good morning! Jeff