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    Wow - that's magnificent.
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    Wappen to clean off the dirt build-up.

    Interesting. Do you dilute the lemon juice, or mix it with anything? Naprawiacz: Out of curiousity, what is the name of the building -cleaning chemical?
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    A few informations about the differences between reserve, Landwehr and Landsturm of the German Empire

    This was really interesting and super helpful. Thanks for posting! ~Jeff
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    Pickelhauben Books for Sale

    Hi James - If still available, I'll take #5, 6, and 7. Will PM. Thanks! ~Jeff
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    Quiet rare to find in a house clearing over here...

    What an interesting find! The caps look like school and/or fencing club examples, and I'm sure the individual portrait is showing a gent in dueling society garb. Dueling, and organized clubs and societies dedicated to it, were huge in pre-war Germany. There are academic books on the topic...
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    WTB EM/NCO Prong-back Reichs kokarden

    Looking for a few non-yellowed, good condition original EM/NCO Reichs kokarden for Imperial soft headgear. (Hard to find for some reason, while the market is awash in state kokarden of various flavors). Thanks! ~Jeff
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    Jager Regt zu Pferde Enlisted

    Outstanding - love the JzP uniforms. : ) ~Jeff
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    Kaiserzeit Magazine

    Me too. I guess you could see which way the wind was blowing - looks like there was a 4 year gap between #52 and #53 - maybe #54 was their swan song. Alas. It would be great to see a revival, but doubt the same need is there in this digital era.
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    Kaiserzeit Magazine

    Hoo boy - I remember Manion's. That was a fun venue...until it wasn't! ~Jeff
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    Kaiserzeit Magazine

    Well this is a stroll down ancient memory lane (IGMCA Member #1169). If only I had the foresight then to get all the back issues... And I remember those LD phone calls with someone trying to describe an item to you. Yeesh, what a different time.
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    L K R 1 enlisted helmet in Feldgrau

    Absolutely beautiful set. 👍 ~Jeff
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    Your collection's fate?

    I've built a spreadsheet with pictures and details (including reasonable market price ranges) for my wife - she is very supportive of my collecting passion, but at the same time has no interest herself in owning a bunch of weird old hats someday. And both my sons have no interest in this stuff...
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    A big hello to all

    Hello and welcome (and your story reminds me of mine!) ~Jeff
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    Eigentumsstück Tellermütze-small repair

    This is very interesting - thanks for sharing. These tellermützen seem particularly prone to warping with age. How/where did you apply the water?