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    In search for a neusilber chinstrap for a Pioneer M95 haube.

    That chinstrap looks incredible. Excellent workmanship! Looking forward to seeing the finished helmet. All the best Michael
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    Garde Fusilier Regt. Oberletnant

    Fantastic set - again! Just amazing! One of my favourite regiments and such good condition. Thanks for sharing. All the best Michael
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    Waffenrock Chevaulegers-Regt 2

    Very nice! All the best, Michael
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    About the helmet covers of the Pickelhaubes

    Very interesting. Thank you for taking the time and for sharing. All the best Michael
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    Enlisted M95 Garde Grenadier pickelhaube.

    Very nice addition to your collection Coert. All the best, Michael
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    IR 92 Bat. I & II

    That is an amazing set!! Michael
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    Coert Thanks very much for posting these videos. They are amazing! I will look for his others on YouTube All the best, Michael
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    Garde Kurassier EM Waffenrock

    Very nice, John. I nearly missed this! All the best, Michael
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    Magdeburgisches Husaren Regt. Nr. 10 Gefreiter

    You have been busy! Another very nice display. All the best, Michael
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    Kurrasier Regt. Herzon Friedrich Eugen von Wurttemberg (Westpreussian) Nr. 5 Leutnant

    Fantastic set up as usual. Thanks for posting. All the best, Michael
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    EK II Document to a Garde Füsilier Regiment Maikäfer

    Very nice certificate and interesting information. Michael
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    Dirty Little Hessen Feld Arty No. 25 !

    Great work! Looks amazing. Michael
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    2. Garde-Dragoner-Regiment Kaiserin Alexandra Von Russland

    Thanks very much Dennis. All the best, Michael
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    2. Garde-Dragoner-Regiment Kaiserin Alexandra Von Russland

    Thank you very much, both. Michael
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    2. Garde-Dragoner-Regiment

    Continuing the theme from my post in Groupings this morning here are a couple of additional photos All the best, Michael