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    Large Photo Pickelhaube with Skull

    Rather poor description, but maybe interesting with the skull on the Wappen:
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    Looking for Blue Landsturm Shoulder Strap(s) (Gurtband)

    Hi, I'm looking for a blue Landsturm shoulder strap made from "Gurtband". Does not have to be in mint condition, maybe somebody has a spare? ;) I have added pictures below of what I'm looking for. Regards, Lars
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    Feldmütze I.R. 172 Blau

    As I don't have the opportunity to go to large military fairs and handle original artifacts, I have to find other ways to increase my knowledge level sufficiently to be able to differentiate, with some degree of confidence, between original and repro when buying online. I bought a field-grey...
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    Jäger zu Pferd?

    Hi, Encountered this beauty yesterday in a souk in Dubai while on holiday 😀 Everything looks old, nothing is. Regards, Lars
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    German Shoulder Strap No. 53

    Hello, I've posted this shoulder strap on a German forum a long time ago, but never found a conclusive answer. I bought it hoping it would be for L.I.R. or R.I.R. 53, with "hellblau" piping. However when I received the shoulder strap it was clear that the piping was "dunkelblau". For comparison...
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    Permanently banned - what did I do?

    Hi, When I tried to log on from my laptop today I only got the entry page with the statement: “You have been permanently banned from this board”. My contributions haven’t been that bad? 😀 Luckily my phone hasn’t been banned yet so I can post this. What can I do to fix this? It’s ok to read...
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    Fishing Private Message

    Hi All, I received a private message with a link to who knows what from a member that doesn't have any posts. As far as I can see, it's a fishing link or worse. Best regards, Lars A picture of the message:
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    Feldgrau Krätzchen - Unissued or Just Brand New?

    Hi, Bought this field grey Krätzchen recently (my first), and would appreciate opinions. Too good to be true...
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    Stahlhelm M18 by Quist

    In the late 80's / early 90's I bought this Stahlhelm for the princely sum of 150 guilders, equivalent to just less than 70 euros. Armed with the knowledge from the French Militaria Magazine I recognised the 1918 model and the Abnahme-Kommando stamp, and I remember I was a bit disappointed by it...
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    Pickelhaube Storage Cover?

    Purchased this years ago before I knew anything about covers. Made of some sort of grey woolly material, with black pulling cord. I'm guessing it must be some sort of storage cover, or maybe an old fake cover? Thanks, Lars
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    Pickelhaube M95 EM - Landwehr Infanterie Rgt. 53

    Once again, a new addition not based on helmet quality but on regimental association. One of my great-uncles was in this unit in 1915; unfortunately I don’t have a picture of him in LIR 53 (which puts the helmet outside my collection scope, however I do cheat on my own rules from time to time...
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    Liner Tongues Draw String End Piece

    Just a small detail that I wanted to share, from an 1896 Pickelhaube. The end piece looks professionally made. Hard to get my cheap camera to focus properly, or is it the operator? :-k Lars
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    Pickelhaube Füsilier-Regiment Nr. 39

    My latest Pickelhaube purchase, from Füsilier Regiment 39. Not particularly special nor in a very good condition, but it is the regimental affiliation that makes it interesting for me. My collecting is (or should be, I stray at times) limited to what is visible on the First World War...
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    Feldzeichen Preussen Not in the best condition
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    For the Katalog Collectors....
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    Repro Tschako Wappen?

    Last year I bought a Tschako Wappen on ebay for around 60 euro. When it arrived I wasn't fully convinced it was genuine, but it didn't look like any fake/repro that I knew of either. Front and back look stamped, the beaded background on the scroll is also visible on the back, but the finer...
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    Strange marks on Pickelhaube

    Is it just me, or do these regimental / Armeekorps markings look strange (fake)? The font, the box around the regimental marks and the whole B.A. mark too...
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    Thanks for a Great Forum

    Hi, I've been reading this forum for some time now, and have finally registered and even posted a few messages, so it's time to introduce myself. I'm Dutch, currently working in Norway, and have been a militaria collector for most of my life. It started with anything military, then focused...
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    Glued Visors

    After reading Brian's comment on glued visors in I thought it could be interesting to show some visors that were quite obviously glued, and the glue was then covered in black lacquer for good measure :lol: The top of the visors had also...