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  1. Tony without Kaiser

    From the British Dragoons to Household Cavalry by Peter Suciu

    Doing some Internet research today on British Cavalry helmets, I came across this great article titled Helmet History: From the British Dragoons to Household Cavalry. It’s very informative and I thought to myself that this author writes like Peter. Then I scrolled up and saw that it was written...
  2. Tony without Kaiser

    Old Hessen Warrior

    Here is an old warrior that I've had for years. An issued 1867 Hessen helmet. If I read this helmet correctly, it was issued to at least three, or possibly four, different Hessen units in its lifetime; originally it was worn by Hessisches Garde Dragoner Regt in the Franco-German war of 1870-71...
  3. Tony without Kaiser

    Kaiser’s 25 Year Birthday Anniversary and Lot 4111 in Karel’s Auction

    This year is 25 years since my Kaiser’s birthday, so I was trying to think how to commemorate it. I haven’t bought a helmet since 2016 and thought I was done with collecting helmets, when it was announced that Karel’s collection was being auctioned. I wasn’t expecting to bid on anything, until I...
  4. Tony without Kaiser

    Telegraphen Dunkelblau Shoulder Straps Completed

    This month after 30+ years of searching I finally completed the Telegraphen-Bataillon shoulder straps worn by Mannschaften (ORs) on the Dunkelblau Waffenrock. This means they all have dark blue wool backings. Red straps with yellow lightning bolts were worn 1899 to 1910. AKO 30 June 1911...
  5. Tony without Kaiser

    Kgl. Bayer. 5. Infanterie-Regt. Offizierstellvertreter Litewka

    Here you go Steve, I thought I would start a new thread. Firstly, Dunkelblau Litewka are exceptionally difficult to find. Consequently, this is one of my favorite uniforms, and the only one displayed without headgear and it's just too good to be distracted by a piece of headgear. What makes...
  6. Tony without Kaiser

    The Prussian Issued Landwehr Wappen 1842 to 1895

    Below is a M1860 Prussian eagle Wappen for Line Regiments. This is the standard issue pattern after 1860 with the Vaterland Bandeau as part of the stamping. Can anyone show me a M1860 Reserve / Landwehr Prussian eagle Wappen? It would be the same eagle Wappen, but with silver Landwehr cross...
  7. Tony without Kaiser

    A Totenkopf for All Hallows Eve 2021

    I've posted this incredible Pelzmütze before, but it's Halloween, so why not. The issued M1894 Preußen Husaren Mannschaften (Other Ranks) Pelzmütze worn by Unteroffizier Hans Schulze who served in 2. Leib-Husaren-Regt. Königin Viktoria von Preußen Nr.2. More HERE Most of you I'm sure have...
  8. Tony without Kaiser

    Issued M95 stamped Waterloo Wappen to sell

    Issued M95 stamped Waterloo Wappen. At some point the leg with the orb snagged on something, causing a crack where the leg meets the body, and the orb was lost. Leg crack has been soldered some time ago, with a small bit of solder visible on the front, and the missing little cross was...
  9. Tony without Kaiser

    12 October: a sad anniversary. But this year, a new heartbeat

    Every year I dread this day, but this year it is different. This year we have a new heartbeat in the house. This is Zoë. And yes first time in the Neu Bunker she peed.
  10. Tony without Kaiser

    Older Helmets with updated Eagle Wappen

    From this interesting thread, I find this a remarkable image, as Billy Wilder is wearing an M1842 Kürassier Metalhelm, with a modified Wappen to the 1860 regulations. Then there are the four Oscars behind him which is remarkable. I wonder where that helmet is now? On 10 May 1860 a Bandeau was...
  11. Tony without Kaiser

    Prussian Army meets Steam Punk

    Wow. Does anyone out there who has been a soldier think you’d be able to run around a battlefield with all these metal plates hanging down to the middle of your chest? Good luck aiming your rifle.
  12. Tony without Kaiser

    $5K Fake Prussian Pilot's Badge on ebay by seller online_gsale

    Actually, he was wrong as usual. Now that this person is banned and gone, I will happily discuss a few of the issues with his $5K copy on ebay. I had the pleasure of contributing in a small way, to the outstanding 2012 book by Stephen Previtera “Imperial Sky – Flight Badges of the Imperial...
  13. Tony without Kaiser

    Russian Death's Head Busby Help

    Does anyone have any information or photos they would be willing to share of the Russian 5th Alexandriyski Hussar Regt Busby? I believe (?) this is the only Russian Hussar Regt. to wear a Death's Head. I am particularly interested in the skull as I wonder if some of these Russian skulls have...
  14. Tony without Kaiser

    Karel - One Year

    Today 05 July 2021 marks one year since our collecting friend Karel's (Adler) horribly unexpected death. I will always be frustrated that my wife Gael and were only weeks from meeting Karel and Marina in Belgium. Now it is too late. Karel told me many times his favourite Pickelhaube was his...
  15. Tony without Kaiser

    Hoch die Leib Husaren!

    To start off 2021, here is something of great significance to me as a Totenkopf Collector. So here it is, my impossible dream of 40+ years, a complete standing Husar from 2. Leib-Husaren-Regt. Königin Viktoria von Preußen Nr.2 (Danzig/Langfuhr) XVII Armee Korps, complete with: - Issued M1894...
  16. Tony without Kaiser


  17. Tony without Kaiser

    Reenactment Forum is now open

    Due to various requests, the Historical reenactment Forum is now open. If there are problems let me know, as we had issues last time with posting Replies. Here is my favourite reenactment photo. Please note the ferocious young German Fallschirmjäger in the center. I suspect a Ju-52 would...
  18. Tony without Kaiser

    Sachsen Landwehr-Infanterie-Brigade Nr. 63 (Dresden) XII Armee Korps

    Well, ok, not really a 'Latest Find" as I have had these for years, but never posted the Waffenrock here before. In 2013 I retired my trusted Fuji of 12 years, and here is the last set to be photographed with a camera that took over 9000 images. At first glance your first impression might be...
  19. Tony without Kaiser

    Waffenrock and Pickelhaube for Kgl. Bayer. Chevaulegers-Regt

    After a two year hiatus, a recent crash of my little information website (as it was not NATO level encrypted 'secure' ) due to browser so-called 'upgrades' forced me to obtain the expensive upgrade to a secure website to get back up and running (1/2 funded by the generosity of JohnM). To...
  20. Tony without Kaiser

    Kaiserliche Marine Deckoffizier Schirmmutze

    Trying out the new Marine Forum with an old friend that I sadly had to let go. Every time I look at the photos I regret selling it. I promised Dr. Adorable a new garage in 2017 and some things had to go to pay for it. Oh well... Here is the link to the Deckoffizier below...