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  1. 2nd.Leibhusar

    What's wrong with this Garde Reiter helmet ?

    Hello everyone, Can someone explain to me what is wrong with this helmet: Was not sold at HH, lot 4269 (€4500 bet) during the auction. I have the feeling, given the different interior, that this might be a reproduction? And that also...
  2. 2nd.Leibhusar

    What the hell (met) is this ??
  3. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Help wanted ! HR3 shoulder strap

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a shoulder strap for troops HR3. I need 1 piece, but a pair is also fine. It is to complete my Attila I know it's a very difficult item, but hope someone can help me.. Thanks in advance, Sander
  4. 2nd.Leibhusar

    DR18 marking

    In the picture on the right , my precious.....:love: an EM DR18 so called "Kammerstück"...
  5. 2nd.Leibhusar

    M16 helmet named,...searching for info IR72 Lieutenant

    Hi guys, I found a beautiful M16 from an old Belgian collection. The helmet is complete and has a name of a lieutenant that I am trying to "decipher". hopefully somebody can help me. Looks like this Lieutenant was in Infanterie Regiment 72, 3rd Company (3/72). This regiment was in Belgium for...
  6. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Copies are getting better !!

    😱 the copies are getting better...
  7. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Regimental marking puzzle, any thoughts ??

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I've got a M1917 "Krätzchen" for EM, a so called "Kammerstück" which is regimental marked and with "Bekleidungsamt"marking. It says; BA.XIX.18 57,5 8.IR.11 Translated this would be ; Bekleidungsamt 19th Army, size 57,5 , 8th Infantry...
  8. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Scull for EM HR17 busby wanted...

    I know it's a long shot, but happend before on our Forum :D:D... I'm needing an EM scull for a Braunschweig busby... Together with the kolpak they're the last items needed to complete my busby.... So if there is someone who has one or knows one for sale, please let me know !! All the...
  9. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Red Kolpak for EM Busby wanted

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for a red kolpak for an elisted men busby. Preferably a bright red one because it's for a Braunschweig busby,...but every condition will do as long as it's an original one.. I hope that someone can make me happy... regards, Sander
  10. 2nd.Leibhusar

    German protective chain mail armour tunic

    :D :D :D :D Check this out !! At auktion on a Dutch platform..... The sellar even dares to say it's original :o ](*,)
  11. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Unkown regimental marking, any idea ???

    Hello everyone, I found a regular Prussian M15 helmet with unusual marking. I hope that you might help me out for I haven't got a clue... The marking is ( in mine opinion ) L.E.G.II The helmet also has a very need markers mark and is dated 1916..
  12. 2nd.Leibhusar

    New Husaren Regiment discovered on Ebay !

    New regiment discovered on Ebay: Leib-Husaren Regiment Braunschweig ( with Hessian cocarde ](*,) ) Bidding starts at only €500 and is 100% original !! even the scull... #-o
  13. 2nd.Leibhusar

    The Elephant Man Husar Busby

    Just saw this LH Busby on with a scull looking like it's the one from the late Joseph Merrick ( Elephant Man).. Unbelievable that...