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  1. Tony without Kaiser

    Hessen kokarde for sale on Ebay France.

    I regret hijacking your thread Coert, but as it is an eBay item, it will be gone in a few weeks, so I don't think you will mind. Phillipe I'm sure you are correct with the stamps, I have never been strong in the area of markings. I'll adjust that page. So below is the Kokarde in question. I am...
  2. Tony without Kaiser

    Prussian Artillery Felt

    Peter apparently this can help ‘stiffen’ and fix the ‘floppy’ too…..Try spaying this on your Filz. 😉
  3. Tony without Kaiser

    Hessen kokarde for sale on Ebay France.

    That is very helpful Coert. Thanks to postings by knowledgeable European members on this Forum, I have discovered that the Kokarde on my Hessen LIR115 HERE is a replica replacement. Annoying, but at least now I know, and so I am looking for an original.
  4. Tony without Kaiser


    Sachsen Tschako rock. Fascinating Imperial helmets. Those are beautiful officer examples posted. My officers and M15s are all gone. Here is what I retained after 'The Purge'. Plus it is a good excuse to have a Moosehead...... Then one of my favorite sets. A Sachsen (Saxon) Schützen-Regt...
  5. Tony without Kaiser


    I’ve never seen a period photo of a Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt 1848 helmet before. Anywhere. That is amazing Karl. Very rare 7. Thüringisches Infanterie-Regt. Nr.96 III Bn. Wappen. A beautiful thing to see on this morning. Clovis you wouldn’t happen to have a spare IR96 II Bn. Reuß would you...
  6. Tony without Kaiser

    Your opinion on this Officer IR92 Pickelhaube

    That is a fake cast Totenkopf. No doubt.
  7. Tony without Kaiser

    Prussian M95 - JR74

    Just to simplify a bit what Coert and Lars indicated. die Garnitur was a system of indicating the use of issue clothing and equipment based upon it's condition and stamping the lining with the level; - 1st Garnitur - Parade and special occasions; - 2nd Garnitur - Walking out dress; - 3rd...
  8. Tony without Kaiser

    To good to be true

    Ed I always enjoy your superb photography on your purple background. Beautiful helmet too.
  9. Tony without Kaiser

    An IR 75 pickelhaube for your appraisal

    Congratulations on getting a very nice helmet on your first dive into the pool. A lot of people on their first purchase get burned with a made up helmet, an Indian junk replica, or a rusting rotted helmet dug up out of a ditch. In my opinion if the Kokarden are good or bad, it really doesn’t...
  10. Tony without Kaiser

    Prussian Cuirassiers 1870

    That is OUTSTANDING!
  11. Tony without Kaiser

    Any Hessen Pickelhaubes for Sale?

    Peter is Canadian. US$ and Euro are both expensive up here. Keep looking Peter. You will find a nice one with perseverance. Get a better condition one.
  12. Tony without Kaiser

    Waffenrock of Mecklenburgisches Grenadier-Regiment Nr.89

    There is something not often seen. Way to go Karl.
  13. Tony without Kaiser

    November 11th

    Nice photo of you Peter. Good to see your face. We just got back from the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph. For the first time in my life I sang God save the King at the end.
  14. Tony without Kaiser

    Pioneer Battalion 10 EM 1895 pickelhaube

    That is a particularly beautiful eagle Wappen. A crisp highly detailed die strike. That chinstrap looks great and it wouldn’t bother me at all. Very nice Patrick.
  15. Tony without Kaiser

    From the British Dragoons to Household Cavalry by Peter Suciu

    Peter that is impressive. Stunning. Could you explain what that is please. Patrick I will search for those books. Until recently I knew less than nothing about English Cavalry helmets.
  16. Tony without Kaiser

    Some of my collection.

    Top right corner is a post # Steve. This post should show as #18
  17. Tony without Kaiser

    From the British Dragoons to Household Cavalry by Peter Suciu

    Doing some Internet research today on British Cavalry helmets, I came across this great article titled Helmet History: From the British Dragoons to Household Cavalry. It’s very informative and I thought to myself that this author writes like Peter. Then I scrolled up and saw that it was written...
  18. Tony without Kaiser

    Some of my collection.

    Has everyone noted the Saxon Dutchies helmets in post #13? Few collectors have a line-up like that. Brilliant!
  19. Tony without Kaiser

    Hesse LR115 pickelhaube for review

    Good for you Charles. I know you were eager to find a nice Hessen. If you’re tempted to tighten those nuts, that can go bad in seconds. One twist and ‘snap’ the solder let’s go. Breaking a stud or Brad will ruin your day. Very happy for your score. Well done.
  20. Tony without Kaiser

    Bavarian EM felt ersatz

    Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for your service Marine. That is a nice Ersatz helmet, and as you observed, often that weird brown colour. I have several helmets that have old replica M91 chin straps and I have a few Kokarden that are suspect, but I really don’t care. They’ve...