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    An IR 75 pickelhaube for your appraisal

    Congratulations meme, Looks like a nice IR 75 Pickelhaube to me 😀 Neither Kokarde is to my liking, but there are more experienced collectors on this forum than me. Also like the view from your house 😉 Regards, Lars
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    Die Organisation, Bekleidung, Ausrüstung und Bewaffnung der Königlich Bayerischen Armee von 1806 bis 1906

    Super, Thanks Sandy! I already downloaded the text part a long time ago, very happy that the drawings are also scanned now 😀 Regards, Lars
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    Bavarian officer

    Hi Rem, Not an expert on these helmets, so I can't help on originality or price, but the last picture seems to show the interior of a different helmet? Regards, Lars
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    Large Photo Pickelhaube with Skull

    Rather poor description, but maybe interesting with the skull on the Wappen:
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    Leather Chin Strap Comparison

    Thanks Brian, Much appreciated! It has become so hard with old (or "aged") repro chinstraps showing up, making it more difficult to determine if original or not. Having three confirmed originals of the different types is a great reference. Regards, Lars
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    Looking For This Pioneer Book

    Hi, You can still buy it new; didn't find it on their US website, but available on their international website: Surely they can ship it significantly cheaper than 70 USD? Regards, Lars
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    Generaloberst mit dem Rang eines General-Feldmarschalls

    Hi Sandy, Thanks for making the regulations accessible for all that don't have access to them and / or can't read the old German script. I always prefer primary sources over secondary ones ;) Regards, Lars
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    Norwegian Pickelhaube CDV photo

    I didn’t know that, very interesting, never seen one at the local (tiny) militaria fair here in Norway. This version seems to have been used from 1888-1894. A taller version, similar to the earlier German Pickelhaube, apparently used from 1845-1855. Thanks for sharing :)
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    Bavarian EM felt ersatz

    With that provenance I wouldn't designate it as a repro until you can confirm it is a repro :) Nice helmet!
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    Pioneer with squared-visor Pickelhaube

    Imo a typical example of war-time expediency; the ammo pouches aren't the standard Pioniere type either. I can only assume he would have been supplied with the correct helmet when being sent to the front, but not at all certain about that. Lars
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    Very much here to learn. A quick question.

    Hi Anthony, Welcome to the forum. I agree with Sandy, a modern reproduction. However, somebody made a great effort to “age” the helmet, making it harder to recognize as a repro but also making it into a better display 😀 Regards, Lars
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    Thought you would enjoy this!

    That must be a dangerous ride, it'll take off if you go too fast :)
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    Regiment Flag

    Hi Sandy, I have to disagree, names that were acceptable in the past might no longer be acceptable these days, it's just a question of where we draw the line. An A.H. square would not be acceptable, even with an explanatory plaque. Hindenburg was not only a general, but also a political figure...
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    General Grenadier Regt 3

    Very nice! By his daughter, 5 days after he died
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    When I went to Verdun in 1982 the area behind fort Douaumont was strewn with equipment and remnants of hand-grenades, etc, almost nothing left when I returned several decades later, so I understand why the French have started to enforce it. But when I came back they were also ripping the trees...
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    looking for shoulder strap/board for 3rd Bavarian foot artillery

    Received a copy of Mike Kelso's book "Under Arms for the Kaiser" today, and I'm very happy with it. Well worth the money! :)
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    KAGGR# 1 e m M1915 ?

    Hi Steve, Could it also be a shoulder strap for the (field) grey Litewka or the grey Mantel? The width should then be 6 or 6.5 cm. If M15 I would expect it to be 4.5 cm wide, but I'm not sure if this also applies to the Friedensuniform. Regards, Lars
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    New Felt Project

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    Looking for Blue Landsturm Shoulder Strap(s) (Gurtband)

    Hi Steve, No, I don't think so; not only is the material different, but also its construction. This is a piece of blue (not hellblau) coarse material with a self-edge, with the two corners at the top folded over and sewn to the back to form the "point" of the shoulder strap, i.e. there is no...
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    Looking for Blue Landsturm Shoulder Strap(s) (Gurtband)

    Hi, Unfortunately not a very sharp picture, but I'm still very happy I got it :) Regards, Lars