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  1. Naprawiacz

    First time I've seen.
  2. Naprawiacz

    Kinder ulanka

    Children's ulanka very richly decorated.Buttons fire-gilded.I have no idea what years it may come from.Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Naprawiacz

    Tschapka Restoration

    I cleaned all the metal parts and wappen.I repaired the belt and applied the first coat of primer.Now I am waiting for it to dry before applying the next coat.
  4. Naprawiacz

    Please help me identify the item.

    Items excavated from the basement of the burned palace.I am intrigued by the middle item,I have no idea what it was used for.It has not been cleaned yet,but it is probably made of brass.Thank you very much for any information
  5. Naprawiacz

    Pickelhaube koffer-little renovation

    I added a bottom to the cover and filled in the gaps in the plating.
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    My new love.
  7. Naprawiacz

    Unterzahlmeister wappen

    Adler the lowest in the hierarchy of military officials who served on active duty in the army.
  8. Naprawiacz

    Beamte pickelhaube

    I had a problem with it,to straighten it,but something managed to do.In the last photo the state before repair.
  9. Naprawiacz


    I am looking for any information about these harnesses.Thanks for any information.
  10. Naprawiacz

    Tschapka little renovation

    The material was cleaned of rust.For minor surface restoration I used vine black mixed with glue and shellac.A small variation of a recipe from 1845.After drying, the item was glossed with Bundeswehr paste.
  11. Naprawiacz

    Pickelhaube renovation

    More than thirty hours of hard work.
  12. Naprawiacz

    Ulanen tschapka

    What do you think of this item? It is made entirely of metal.
  13. Naprawiacz

    Polizei wappen

    Model 1896 ,chemically cleaned.
  14. Naprawiacz

    Koffer restoration

    Skin bitten by worms. Repair time 16 hours.
  15. Naprawiacz

    Pickelhaube of a senior official

    Pickelhaube a senior finance official.
  16. Naprawiacz

    Armband for maneuvers

    The photo was taken in 1908 during joint maneuvers with the Swiss army.
  17. Naprawiacz

    Waffenrock Chevaulegers-Regt 2

    The whole thing is a uniform set.I repaired the shoe laces and improved the collar attachments.
  18. Naprawiacz

    2. Chevaulegers-Regiment Taxis

    My new item.
  19. Naprawiacz

    Thüringisches Ulanen-Regt. Nr.6

    My new love-ulanka.
  20. Naprawiacz

    No hope for success

    I had no hope that anything could be done about this object.To make it even more difficult the previous owner greased the inside of the item with grease.I have completed the first phase of the repair.