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    Not enough flaring here for me , just wanted to run this pic past you guys for your opinion. :D
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    M18 EAR CUT OUT,,,,,,IF YOU DONT ASK..........

    :thumb up: YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SELL IT!! :lol:
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    Model 1914 LEWIS Guns

    I see Worldwide Arms has a couple of these at 6750 pounds. Very nice but is this the going rate now? Not that i could afford one regardless :D :-({|=
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    I have wanted an M18 for a while. Not sure what to think of this, cant see any stamps. Thoughts?? Not that knowledgeable on these. 313197911089
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    Currently on ebay at £395 but would accept £360 for anyone on this site via paypal gift or bank transfer . ebay number 113835212792
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    Schulz & Holdefleiss Cuirassier Helmet

    As seen in pictures . £700 post free uk the chinstrap is not IMO original
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    Tschapka For Sale

    Thwe pics will speak for themselves , its beautiful. Breaks my heart to part with it . No double holes behind the plate. The liner is complete and original, the silk is slightly soiled. The two wicker sticks are intact (rare ) , gilt can be seen on the plate and looks beautiful. PRICE £2200 i...
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    French Gendarme Cuirassier DRAGOON HELMET Aubervilliers FRANCK Son

    Anybody have an interest in WW1 French items . £600. post uk free . Elsewhere i will have to check cost . More pics to follow. Its also on ebay at 625. :)
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    Selling up

    Unfortunately , due to divorce proceeding i will have to sell my collection i have been purchasing slowly from Bruno and others. I am absolutely gutted and heartbroken ATM . When i get my head straight i will be posting prices and pics on here . I will remain a part of the forum but my eyes will...
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    Thoughts please ?

    Been wanting a Bavarian ersatz for some time to go with my bavarian pickelhaube . What do you guys reckon ?
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    WW1 British p08 belt

    Hi , after one of the thick webbing belts to go with my NCO Leicester reg. jacket. Not been looking for long but thought i'd ask my fave bunch of people first !! :D
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    Between the wars, but Airships were a WW1 machine Maintenance crewmen repairing the Graf Zeppelin in mid-air over the South Atlantic after it was damaged during a storm, 1934. (Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt) How many millennials would do this job ?
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    Really ??
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    During the First World War, Josef Mambo (center of photo) was serving as a sergeant in the German Army. He was born in Tanga in East Africa before his family moved to Germany in 1897. Sgt. Mambo was wounded twice - once in Russia and once at Verdun in France. He was one of many Africans who...
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    No room but quite quirky
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    2018 de-activation laws

    I'm hearing that any weapons de-activated before 2018 are no longer considered de-activated but called ''defectively de-activated'' and therefore cannot be sold on . I guess this is why Ryton Arms in the UK went bust . Does anyone know of a company in the UK that can effectively de-activate and...
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    WH Marine Prince Heinrich hat. zeppelin ?

    The inside stamp intrigues me . Can anyone shed any light ? picked it up for next to nothing .
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    guess who
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    P.O.W.'s pic

    British prisoners paraded through Ostend under armed escort following Operation Strandfest 10 July 1917