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  1. pickelhauben

    Looking For This Pioneer Book

    Hey Guys, I am looking for this book. There is one on France's ebay but they want $70 to ship ! Dose anyone know were one is for sale ?
  2. pickelhauben

    Here Is One You Don't See Every Day
  3. pickelhauben

    R-22 Felt

    I saw this on the German eBay and it looks good. But I thought I read somewhere that these were fantasy helmets. Comments to clarify are welcome.
  4. pickelhauben

    New Felt Project

    Hey Guys, I got this felt off of ebay a little while back and just started to work on it. The ebay listing said it had brass fittings on it. When I got it in I was a little bummed to find out that the posts were brass but the fittings were steel. I decided to keep it anyway. The felt was VERY...
  5. pickelhauben

    A Couple of Cocardes Sets Needed

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a few sets of Cocardes . Reichs and Prussian needed in any condition.
  6. pickelhauben

    After Raiding The Depot

    Spotted this on ebay. Looks like only the shakos have chinstraps and cocardes. Great picture.
  7. pickelhauben

    What do you guys think of this felt ?

    The side leather strips do look a bit raggedy . I don't think that this would pass the mustard in any German quarter master but they do look like they have been there a while Possibly remnants of a leather skull ? What do you all think ...
  8. pickelhauben


    The seller says that he posted the helmet here. Not sure if I remember seeing it. The ball and base have been repainted. The rivet studs look to be repo. It has brass 91 post that have been repainted. The wappen looks to be repainted as well. What do you all think ...
  9. pickelhauben

    Looking for 1915 Removable Gray Kugle Ball And Base FOUND

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a gray ball to go on a felt that I have under construction.
  10. pickelhauben

    Pickelhaube Cookie Jar ?

    Hey Guys, I was kicking around the idea of making Pickelhaube cookie jars . Either ceramic or food safe resin. Either a 1842 style or 1895 Dragoon officers style . The 1842 would be life sized about 12-16 inches tall or do the 1895 style that would be around 12 inches tall . The dragoon style...
  11. pickelhauben

    Happy Mardi Gras 2022 !

    Happy Mardis Gras Guys ! They cancelled out last year but it is in full swing this year. Always up for a party my Ninja is ready for the parades.
  12. pickelhauben

    Any Way To Reinstate Dealers List ?

    When the site was overhauled lost was the list of dealers who offer pickelhaubes for sale. Is there any way to bring the list back ?
  13. pickelhauben

    Another " Original " I am not sure if there is anything right with this helmet.
  14. pickelhauben

    Off Silver Wurt Tschapka For Sale

    Hey Guys, It is time for this old soldier to find a new home. Untouched out of the attic as found VG +++++ The silver has almost all of its frosting. No extra holes. 2 minor areas of shellac loss about the size of a penny. Look at pictures This was a used helmet with FULL LINER With MINOR TLC...
  15. pickelhauben

    Check Out This Beauty Already up to $2,000 euros This would be nice to have on the shelf if I had the cash. Not sure if the partsare blackened from age or painted.
  16. pickelhauben

    Saxon Gray Shako

    Hey Guys, This is one you do not see every day. A gray marked and named Saxon shako. I had to give it up for sale early this year ( and many others ) to make ends meet. And a couple of book ends. I still have these.
  17. pickelhauben

    A Fondness For Felts

    Hey Guys, Here is most of my collection of felt helmets that I have collected over the past 30 years.
  18. pickelhauben

    Question On Hessian Grays

    Hey Guys, Given the Germans did not throw anything away , I have 2 Hessian grays with cross bases. One with a standard spike and one with an arty ball. Both with extra holes for a standard spike base that the cross covers up. Both with NO extra holes behind the plates. Hessian plates have a...
  19. pickelhauben

    Rare And Original Not sure if this one is from New Deli or from a trade school practicing metal work with an Indian teacher.
  20. pickelhauben

    Looking For EM Gray Metal Rear Spine FOUND

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a 7 inch ( inside measurement from edge of bill to rim of spike base ) This apparently is a long one. I have 4 all too short. I contacted Brian hoping he would have one in stock. He had several NO DICE. Can anyone help me out in trying to find these hens teeth ?