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    Not on Ebay, but for sale by a dealer

    IMA definitely does not have the best reputation amongst knowledgeable collectors.
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    Prussian M15 shako for sale

    Surpingly i still fit into my boot camp issue uniforms haha
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    At least no one will ever be able to say you aren't dedicated to your craft!
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    Unusual spike

    I do happen to have a curiously shaped and small spike base that is apart of a JR. 111 helmet I'm restoring. Maybe they go together?
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    Help to restore a JzP helmet extra parts available for trade

    The preservation of history can be worth it in the end, I will keep my eyes out for parts and would be more than happy to help with the work.
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    Uniforms, insignia, etc.

    Good evening gentlemen, I was wondering if anyone had items available from the following units that they would sell/ trade. DR. 25, DR. 24, JR. 94 and PR. 14 Please PM me with any potential offers. Thank you, USN
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    25th dragoons

    Still on the lookout, does anyone possibly have items in their personal collection that they would entertain selling?
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    KB 1 Feldartillerie M15

    Thank you for the correction in my research. I will try and do some more digging with the now correct name.
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    KB 1 Feldartillerie M15

    The 2nd image is his name in the registers of his german citizenship being revoked by the nazi party.
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    KB 1 Feldartillerie M15

    It would appear as though he escaped to Switzerland, then down to Rio de Janeiro, then to the United States and finally Canada.
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    KB 1 Feldartillerie M15

    I was able to find a great wealth of information on him, I'll post a few highlights here. It would seem he was chased out of Germany during the late 30s and found his way to Canada.
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    Photos SOS 2023

    I had a few scouts out as well, the show looked very promising! Unfortunately no DR. 25, 24 or PR. 14 items though
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    Photos SOS 2023

    Some very nice helmets there, I like that baden artillery M95 as well
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    DR. 25 visor

    Its possible that it was one of the Müllers then, I assumed a positive ID using only one initial would be impossible so its not a big deal.
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    DR. 25 visor

    Thats the pattern I've been noticing, I bought this hat to display with my named cross for Rittmeister Carl Berger and the only portrait of him in the archive is him in his TR uniform while he was CO of a riding school.
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    DR. 25 visor

    Pomade is a product used to shape hair and keep it in line which tends to stain the insides of hats. Every hat I've been issued in the navy has pomade stains haha
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    DR. 25 visor

    I think I may have an idea as to who originally owned this cap as well, in the Blau Dragoner book there is a list of all eskadron leaders and the years they were in command and there is a man named Marquardt commanding the 1st Eskadron in 1918 listed, could those who are more familiar with...
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    DR. 25 visor

    Good evening gentlemen, This just arrived in the mail today, a very nice officers visor from the 25th dragoons which features the initial "M" in the liner. It would seem as though the original owner like me tended to keep alot of pomade in his hair as the liner is very deeply stained on the...
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    Mecklenberg-Schwerin Dragoon officer's cartridge case

    Very nice display