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  1. tony v

    Infantry Regiment 160 with Uberzug

    Other ranks 1895 helmet, regiment marked with private purchase cover with manoeuvre band on reverse side. Includes photo and soldbuch for same regt. but different soldiers as a display enhancer. Looking for offers around £2000 plus postage. cheers Tony
  2. tony v

    German M18 helmet Complete: SOLD

    last one up for sale. Complete with liner and chinstrap £1295.
  3. tony v

    WW1 Austrian and German Helmets for sale.

    Got a m18 Berndorfer complete at £1200 Original Berndorfer shell with replacement liner and chinstrap £2000 Two M16 German shells refitted with Austrian Liner and chinstraps and Austrian factory inspection stamps one at £1350 and one with damaged pads at £1250. Sample pictures of one BERNDORF...
  4. tony v

    M18 ECO for sale or trade. SOLD

    hello, I have an original et64 eco M18 up for trade or sale. It has been repainted possibly as part of a 1920's re-fit. It still has original liner and partial chinstrap. Price reflects the paint issues but never the less a rare beast to find in WW1 configuration. looking for £2100 or trade...
  5. tony v

    Austro-Hungarian Hussar Uniform Group

    nice !
  6. tony v

    rear spine for Pioneer Officer Pickelhaube

    Hi In need of a rear spine for a pioneer officers haube restro project if any one has a spare ? regards Tony
  7. tony v

    Named Infantry Regiment 76 Pickelhaube.

    postcard cockade and shoulder board sold. cheers Tony
  8. tony v

    Prussian Infantry-Helmet M1871 for NCO with Portepee

    Good find, nice helmet, congrats. tony
  9. tony v

    Enlisted shoulder straps

    Blimey, what a haul. This is why us youngsters can't find anything to buy....... :ROFLMAO: Bravo! Tony
  10. tony v

    Generals I got my ducks in a row

    Fantastic. Is it just the five you have ? :ROFLMAO::love:
  11. tony v

    1895 NCO Pickelhaube with Waterloo bandau. SOLD.

    Shoulder boards and postcard not relevant to this helmet but are included to make a nice display set. Can split if required. Helmet £1500. Insignia £120. cheers Tony
  12. tony v

    Prussian Pioneer Officers Pickelhaube

    Prussian Officers Pickelhaube £1200. Has had front peak re-atached and needs a new rear spine as one on it is broken, other wise good honest helm. +postage from UK cheers Tony
  13. tony v

    Garde private purchase neusilber NCO helmet

    Patrick, I like it too ;) cheers Tony
  14. tony v

    115th Hessen RBA18 Pickelhaube

    Good example. Nice addition to the collection. bravo
  15. tony v

    The Best Photos of 2022

  16. tony v

    My Post Christmas present to myself

    happy Christmas !
  17. tony v

    Prussian M1860 Pickelhauben and early headgear.

    No worries. Good luck with your search, happy collecting.
  18. tony v

    Prussian M1860 Pickelhauben and early headgear.

    I have a spare 1871 pattern Oldenburg if it is of any interest ? Tony
  19. tony v

    My first 1895 line officers pickelhaube, possible initials or royal cypher?

    very nice. I assume the previous owner may have been posh as he had his initial embroidered on the lining ?
  20. tony v

    Hessen Kokarden

    Here is one from an enlisted man's Rgt 115.