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    Shoulder Boards

    Steve, great thank you a lot! I will contact him! ;) Thanks & best regards, Jens addition: Mike contacted me and I was able to buy a digital copy (USB stick) from him! (y)
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    Shoulder Boards

    Hello, does anyone know where I can still get the book or the CD-ROM*. ;) Thank you and kind regards, Jens * Under Arms for the Kaiser: Shoulder Insignia of the Imperial German Army's Regiments 1871-1918
  3. K avatar font

    Hi, here you will find many more free fonts: ;) Best regards, Jens
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    Regimental Histories of German Hussar Regiments

    Hello, do you know this dealer? For a dealer I think his prices are often quite fair. ;) Best reagrds, Jens
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    1914 Feldpost Grüße

    Hi, congratulations - nice items! Thanks & best regards, Jens ... your last box is from the Austrian Weissen Kreuz. ;)
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    Rank buttons on the collar

    Hi, following* might also be helpful and interesting!? ;) Best regards Jens * Deutschlands Armee in feldgrauer Kriegs- und Friedens-Uniform" - ca. 1915.
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    Hi, according to the Bavarian rolls, he was transfered to the reserve hospital in Nuremberg on 3. January 1919. He still had the Iron Cross 1st & 2nd class and the Bavarian Military Order of Merit 4th class with swords. Kaisersammler, very interesting document - thanks for showing. Best...
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    Bloody ludwig

    Hi, unfortunately, I do not know either, but I personally would not buy this Kriegerehrenabzeichen in Eisen. The manufacturing quality is poor, crown also looks strange, the back and the round needle are atypical. Just my personal opinion - I'm not an expert! Better wait again for some other...
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    FAR 62 with 2 & 3 Batterie Oldenberg

    Hi Steve, very nice & interesting, then there was the ' A " cypher with round grenade probably only until May1899!? (only 2 month) - right??? According to AKO May 25, 1899, the field artillery flaps got the army corps color and (above the number) the grenade. Thank you and best regards, Jens...
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    Freikorps Insignia? Postwar Photo of an Oberleutnant

    Hi, on the following link there are two pages for Freikoprs badges: ... not all, but for a quick overview quite helpful. ;) Regards, Jens
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    The Kaiser

    ... a little bit spooky! ;) Gruß Jens GIF created with:
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    The flags of the Kaiser Garde Grenadier Regt. 1 / I Batl and IV Batl on parade

    (y) ... great - thank you very much, Alexander! Best regards, Jens
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    The flags of the Kaiser Garde Grenadier Regt. 1 / I Batl and IV Batl on parade

    Hi Alexander, thank you for your jpgs - but page three is missing (page 2 is double). You have the missing page 3 ?!? ;) Thank you and best regards, Jens
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    Hi, maybe someone from the EhrenRangListe 1914/18 ? But I could not identify a clear candidate: (for the online Ranklist you have to wait a bit until the pages are completely loaded) Best regards, Jens
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    CDV of Leutnant Bernhard Knake (Fliegertruppen)

    Jvpi, in July 1915 he came from the Landwehr-Inf.-Rgt. Nr.19 to the Flieger-Ersatz-Abteilung 4 for a training course as an observer. In August 1915 again an observer course in Königsberg. And from December 1915 until about February 1916 he was in hospital (broken collarbone). Best regards, Jens...
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    CDV of Leutnant Bernhard Knake (Fliegertruppen)

    Hi, here are some informations from the bavarian Kriegsrangliste. Great picture! Best regards, Jens Leutnant der Reserve Dr. phil. Bernard KNAKE (Chemiker), * 28.07.1889 Münster i. W.; † 24.07.1917 Epinay. Diensteintritt 10.08.14 Ersatz-Rekruten-Depot Inf.-Rgt. Nr.67; 06.09.14 Gefreiter...
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    what are these studs for ?

    Hello, I think not military - it should be prussain telecommunication / telegraph / post. For example see following website: Best regards, Jens
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    Fridensrock officers straps I R 52 & 67

    ... ah ok, now I understand and see it! It's about the width of the straps! And yes - of course you're right! (y) (on the photo & from this perspective - that was not clearly visible to me.) ;) Thanks and best regards, Jens
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    Fridensrock officers straps I R 52 & 67

    Hi Steve, I hope I don't misunderstand, but these straps (M15 in Silbergarn) were also worn by officers for the Offiziers-Litewka or Kleiner-Rock, I think that's why they are so often. Best regards, Jens
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    Steve, yes it's out of the book from Major Ewald Fiebig: "Unsterbliche Treue Das Heldenbuch der Fahnen und Standarten des deutschen Heeres", Berlin 1935 (492 pages). Here my selection of books about imperial german flags. ;) Thanks & best regards, Jens