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  1. cptbob

    Wartime band

    Taken in Antwerp in 1915. I can make out the first couple lines on the back. Can anyone make out the rest? Thanks
  2. cptbob

    Leib Garde Hussar

    Dated 1916
  3. cptbob

    Braunschweig Hussar Reg't nr 17 Group photo

    Nice group photo. No indication of what squadron or year on the photo. Though someone with a unit history might be able to determine it from the names. Enjoy!
  4. cptbob

    Mounted Artillerymen and an Uhlan

    Good photo of 2 mounted members of 63rd Artillery Regiment along with an Uhlan (maybe an escort). The horse gear is interesting. Enjoy!
  5. cptbob

    11th Hussar Regiment Photos

    These 2 photos are related. They both have descriptions on the back. The first seems to be "Herrn Unteroffizier Oberste Lehn." Not sure what the start of the 2nd line is before the April 1907 date. Seems to be signed by a Walter Reinhard who was an EinjahrFreiwilligen". Looking at the photo...
  6. cptbob

    15th Hussar Regiment Wachtmeister with his bride

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Enjoy!
  7. cptbob

    Hussar Einjahrfreiwilligen

    Nice clear photo...Enjoy!
  8. cptbob

    Hussar band members with instruments

    I got this to go in a display with the Bass trumpet I have marked to the Garde Kurassier Regiment.
  9. cptbob

    Uhlan mounted

    Judging by the curved KD-89 saber he's likely a Saxon Uhlan. Good details of the field gear
  10. cptbob

    7th Hussar NCO mounted

    Nice clear photo. Enjoy!
  11. cptbob

    Uhlan NCO..mounted

    This is probably the 13th or 16th Uhlan regiment. I can't tell if the colors on his Ulanka are white or light blue. The town the photographer is located in is fairly close to both Hannover and Gardelegen...the garrison towns for those 2 regiments. Enjoy!
  12. cptbob

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin Dragoon Officer's Saber, Damascus Blade

    Picked this up on ebay last week and it arrived today. The seller had this listed as an "Antique German Cavalry Officer's Saber" which is not wrong but misses the unique nature of this sword. It is a saber that is unique to the 2 Mecklenburg-Schwerin Dragoon regiments (nrs 17 and 18), they...
  13. cptbob

    12th Hussar (zu Pferd)

  14. cptbob

    Saxon Uhlan Trumpter (zu Pferd)

  15. cptbob

    Looking for 12th HR officers schirmmutze and 14th HR tellermutze

    I'm seeing a lot of cloth cavalry hats for sale recently. I would be very interested if anyone had either one of these available. Thanks! Bob
  16. cptbob

    Hussars parading in the field...with uberzugs

    Hard to tell which Regiment this is. Uniforms appear very dark, so they are either black, red or dark green. With the white piping and dark Kolpak that leaves the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 11th. The shabraques are all dark colors which I think would rule out the 3rd (which had some dark blue in it...
  17. cptbob

    Leib Garde Hussar

    Nice large clear photo that hopefully will be visible now.
  18. cptbob

    Braunschweig Hussar Regiment nr 17 Officer's Saber

    This type of saber was authorized for use only by officer's of the 17th Hussar Regiment. Very similar to the Braunschweig infantry officer's saber. Some of the unique features are the gold-plated fittings, basket guard with the cypher of Duke William, floral design on the backstrap and a...
  19. cptbob

    Leib Garde Husar standing portrait

    Nice large clear photo. Enjoy!
  20. cptbob

    Braunschweig Infantry Regt nr 92 Officer's Sword

    This type of sword could only be carried by officer's of the 92nd Infantry Regiment. These have a nickel-silver fittings on the guard and handle. The basket guard contains the crown-W cypher of Duke William and the pommel is tiered. Not something I normally would have bought but it...