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  1. coert65

    Enlisted Men Medal Bar Sets: Imperial State Award Equivalents of the EK2

    Yesterday another 2ér spange arrived here, Wurttemberg verdienst medaille and EK2. So now I have 7 in the collection. Regards, Coert.
  2. coert65

    BookS for sale (reservations) Volume 3 : Imperial Germany 1914-1918: Equipment of the Foot Soldier

    Volumes 2, 3, 4, and 5 arrived at my house yesterday! I already had volume 1, but will order the other volumes too, when ready and offered for sale here. Thanks a lot @Mecklenburg !
  3. coert65

    Bavarian M1915 Pickelhaube

    A very nice Bavarian M15! Congratulations, (y) Regards, Coert.
  4. coert65

    Authentic? Repos?

    The one on the right is an older helmet, see the date on the rear visor, which was reissued as an M15. So all brass parts were removed, and exchanged for the grey ones. Both of them look completely original, nice gifts!
  5. coert65

    Help required on a metal band added to a felt haube ?

    Well Tony, I did have one with a steel reinforcing band just like the one you saw. Here is the topic where it was discussed. It was the first one I came across, never saw others before, but they do seem to exist though. The...
  6. coert65

    Grenadier Regiment 9 Officers Pickelhaube

    An excellent helmet, and a nice wappen to boot! Congratulations Tony (y)
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    Very nice! Did you also visit the small village of St-Julien? There, this first gas attack took place, also, slightly north of it, is Kitchener's wood, where also a lot things happened then, during second Ypres. I am also going to visit Ypres, and the salient in a few weeks time again. I visit...
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  9. coert65

    Interesting website with many soldier photos

    Excellent site! Thanks a lot for sharing this. Best regards, Coert.
  10. coert65

    Pickelhaube reference books for sale

    So do I Francis, the book & corrections sheet arrived this afternoon here, I'm very happy to have it in my reference book library now! The US postal service was very fast indeed. Thanks again James for the book! Best regards, Coert.
  11. coert65

    The Kaiser's Collection

    Thanks, I just placed an order for it. I hope it arrives soon! Regards, Coert.
  12. coert65

    The Kaiser's Collection

    I fully agree with that, the collection there is really awesome. I saw most of it on display there, it needs to be seen for all, they keep it above now, but a book, showing all would be excellent. I can understand why they keep it so private, none the less, it should be seen.
  13. coert65

    The Kaiser's Collection

    Not that I know of, here is the webshop of Huis Doorn, no mention of it. I also saw nothing like that when I visited Huis Doorn in 1992.
  14. coert65

    About the history and origin of the German imperial eagle

    Thanks Sandy for yet another excellent article, your website is growing real fast! Regards, Coert.
  15. coert65

    New member old collector

    Welcome here on the forum John! (y) I am just like any other member here, would like to see pictures of you collection too. Regards from the Netherlands, Coert.
  16. coert65

    NCO or Officer?

    Hi Katie, I fully agree with Brian on this, a good and totally original Prussian infantry officer helmet. I like the photo's, liner show some wear, but hey, wouldn't we all after all those years? Most of the time, the silk interior can be gone, (sometimes only the sweatband is present) on your...
  17. coert65

    NCO or Officer?

    Hi Katie, Welcome here. I agree with Amy and Meme32 on this haube, it has indeed all the features of an Infantry officer, Prussia. Please share, like others stated, some more pictures of it here, so we can tell exactly. But it seems to me, you had a great purchase there! And volume one book from...
  18. coert65

    Pickelhaube reference books for sale

    I just sent you the money via Pay-Pall James, and you've got PM about my shipping address. Best regards, Coert.
  19. coert65

    Pickelhaube reference books for sale

    I got your reply too, I will send you the money tomorrow. And let you know my shipping address too. Regards, Coert.
  20. coert65

    Pickelhaube reference books for sale

    You've got a PM about the Helmzier book James. Regards, Coert.