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  1. Peter_Suciu

    Not Imperial, but one of the coolest helmets ever!

    Very nice James. Was this U.S. Army or one of the militia units?
  2. Peter_Suciu

    Anyone going to the O.V.M.S. Show in Wilmington, OH Oct 27th & 28th

    I would attend but my wife and I are moving to the new house. I'm strapped for cash and I hope to have the movers bring over the big stuff that Friday.
  3. Peter_Suciu

    Halloween Display

    Well, this is my last year in my neighborhood, and we have a lot of children now. Some people go all out for Halloween, and I decided to do a "War of the Dead" display on the lawn. Well, this cost about $20 in uniforms, and I made the machine gun.
  4. Peter_Suciu

    Current happenings in the lovely city of Philadelphia, PA

    It isn't just some cities that are on the decline. It is hitting the 'burbs too. I lived in New York City for almost two decades. My wife and I saw Hell's Kitchen improve, and we later lived in South Harlem and saw the start of its return. Then we moved to Michigan and I live in the house my...
  5. Peter_Suciu

    "Ottoman" Helmet

    Milestone Auctions claims this is an Ottoman helmet. Weren't these just for the German military?
  6. Peter_Suciu


    Very nice helmet. I will add that the Tudor Rose was painted red as a wink of sorts. The Tudor Rose was meant to combine the red and white roses of the House of Lancaster and the House of York from the Wars of the Roses. Funny thing is that Lancashire didn't actually support the House of...
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    Youtube video -appraisers from Germany

    Well, here we must disagree. Objects aren't actually history. History is only our current interpretation of past events. Objects can be historical in nature, but we shouldn't confuse them with the history. In other words, everything old is historical. We appreciate military history so...
  8. Peter_Suciu

    Youtube video -appraisers from Germany

    Well, the first thing to remember is that it is her item. If she wanted to turn it into a planter, wear it for a fancy dress party or just throw it out, she has the right to do so. I've never been one who believes these things are anything more than objects that we own. In the end, we determine...
  9. Peter_Suciu

    Russian Officer Shoulderboards

    I am planning to buy an Imperial Russian officer's tunic, but I will need shoulderboards for it. Any ideas?
  10. Peter_Suciu

    History of Fireworks - Happy July 4th!

    In honor of the Fourth of July Boom Goes the Dynamite: The History of Fireworks in the U.S.
  11. Peter_Suciu

    That Poor Ostrich

    Baldrick: I heard that it started when a bloke called Archie Duke shot an ostrich 'cause he was hungry. Edmund: I think you mean it started when the Archduke of Austro-Hungary got shot. Baldrick: Nah, there was definitely an ostrich involved, sir.
  12. Peter_Suciu

    That Poor Ostrich

    I "borrowed" the joke from a British sitcom. Perhaps this helps.
  13. Peter_Suciu

    That Poor Ostrich

    109 years ago today an ostrich was shot by Archie Duke because he was hungry. At least that is what I heard.
  14. Peter_Suciu

    John Mann, United States Marine Corps - 10 June 2023

    I'm very sorry to hear this. Far too young.
  15. Peter_Suciu

    100 Years Ago Today - Russian Civil War Ended

    I didn't mean to exclude this conflict, but it was beyond the scope of one article to do much more than mention these in passing. And I agree, the Polish-Bolshevik War is largely overlooked today.
  16. Peter_Suciu

    100 Years Ago Today - Russian Civil War Ended

    It could be argued that the First World War only truly ended today with the end of the Russian Civil War. Here is a piece I wrote on the different firearms that were used in this most deadly conflict:
  17. Peter_Suciu

    Imperial Russian Army

    Oh, and the flag is "period." I bought a collection of old flags and found out they were produced for the Chicago Great Exhibition of 1893. Technically, it was probably made in the USA but it was sold at the Russian pavilion. Someone must have bought a number of the flags as I have around a...
  18. Peter_Suciu

    Imperial Russian Army

    Well, technically, this is recent finds as opposed to a find. This my new Russian Imperial Army WWI display. The tunic and cap came from the collection of Ron Northrop, a good friend who passed last year. I knew Ron for 20+ years and he will be missed. His collection came up for auction, and...
  19. Peter_Suciu

    M1900 Tropical Shako

    I've had my eye on this item for some time, and yesterday at the OVMS show in Ohio the price was "significantly reduced" so I came home with it. M1900 Tropical Shako for other ranks of the East Asia Jager Company. This is one of only a handful known to exist, so I'm pleased to have gotten it.
  20. Peter_Suciu

    The Gallipoli Sniper Duel Between Billy Sing and ‘Abdul the Terrible’

    Something I wrote for GunMagWarehouse this week: The Gallipoli Sniper Duel Between Billy Sing and ‘Abdul the Terrible’