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    Prussian Ring Pommel Sword

    Alan, I did talk to you about your spike helmets and belt buckles. I was the old grey haired guy that stopped by a couple of times digging through your stuff. I think we talked about Polizei Pickelhauben among other things. Nice to meet you and I hope you had as good a show as I did. George

    Prussian Ring Pommel Sword

    Thank you all for your positive comments. Yes, I did pick the sword up at the show on Friday. And, I agree that the spine marking is the distributor and not the maker on this particular German Mounted Officer sword. There is no maker indicated on the lightly curved blade but the sword is...

    Prussian Ring Pommel Sword

    Gents, I picked up an Imperial Prussian ring pommel sword at a local militaria show over the weekend that I thought I would show. This brass P-guard variation sword was made for mounted officers and has a ring on the top of the pommel. This sword is an interesting variation and it is shown...

    Authentic felt haube?

    Yes, this Missouri veteran served in Shelby's old brigade and fought at the Battle of Westport. He marched south through Texas with General Shelby, buried their flags in the Rio Grande river, and entered Mexico to form the Confederate colony there. Ten years later he re-entered the US as an...

    Is it a Hirschfanger or not?

    If the blade is re-curved it is a Yatagahn. This is a Bavarian Hirschfanger with a straight blade.

    Authentic felt haube?

    A really neat collection of identified Confederate Veteran items Steve. I love the story on your finally acquiring the items. Not to hijack the thread but here is a UCV uniform set with a similar story. Purchased from the Grand-Daughter of the Confederate veteran.

    Uniforms displayed on Cigarette Album

    Nice find Gabe. I just picked up a Waldorf-Astoria cigarette card book the other day. These are great for uniform identification and this one was complete along with a Reichswehr book. I already have the one on the Schutztruppen. George

    Not Imperial, but one of the coolest helmets ever!

    Nice! Congratulations.

    M1889 folding guard sword notches

    I think these notches were for style and probably to give some purchase to the Portepee strap to keep it from sliding down the guard. Some guards have holes to attach the strap end.
  10. SCHUPO

    In the Hospital

    Gents, I saw the recent post on Medical Doctors and thought I would show a small group of four photos of WWII active duty Policemen that are interesting. One photo shows three active duty WWII Policemen in the East with their truck with the Polizei eagle decal on the door. They are wearing...
  11. SCHUPO

    S/98 Extra-Seitengewehr

    Thank you for your likes. Here is another interesting variation of the S/98. This is a shortened version of the bayonet that has been arsenal altered (not by Bubba) and nickle plated. Notice this was originally an item of issue bayonet with inspection markings on the pommel. It is believed...
  12. SCHUPO

    S/98 Extra-Seitengewehr

    Gents, I thought I would show a private purchase (Extrawaffen) Imperial German Model 98 style dress bayonet. This bayonet is styled as the S.98 (Seitengewehr M/98) in German literature. This Extra-Seitengewehr has no bayonet lug attachment nor does it have a muzzle ring so it will not affix to...
  13. SCHUPO

    Help needed identifying old saber scabbards

    I believe the bottom scabbard is Austrian. This lower fixed ring and upper suspension band with an angled reverse slot is an Austrian design. Also notice the narrow drag. Look at M. Christian Ortner - Erich Artlieb, "With Drawn Sword, Austro=Hungarian Edged Weapons 1848-1918", for specifics...
  14. SCHUPO

    Kinder Sabel and comparison with full size one. Information, comments, value estimates sought.

    Marcus, Your swords are both Austro-Hungarian. The full size Infantry sword was made by the German maker Weyersburg & Stamm and retailed by the Budapest dealer marked on your blade. The Kindersabel appears to also be Austrian as some of these Austrian swords were brass rather than nickel...
  15. SCHUPO

    Upcoming Trip to Austria and Germany

    The Saturday flea markets are also a very good source of militaria. Just ask the Taxi guy and he will take you to the local one. I have picked up some very nice goodies at these flea markets.
  16. SCHUPO

    What is your favorite helmet?

    An open ended loaded question sure to bring out some interesting helmets. Erich Radecke, "Polizei-Abzeichen Helme - Heraldik - Historie" 1.Band - bis 1918 talks about this Zittau Polizei helmet on page 56 of his book. He shows the helmet star that is on my helmet with the gilt emblem of Zittau...
  17. SCHUPO

    What is that Picklehaube ?

    I agree that what you show is a nice Feuerwehr Pickelhaube. I collect Polizei spike helmets and some are shown on this thread.
  18. SCHUPO

    Unknown Uniform

    Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate your looking at the uniform.
  19. SCHUPO

    Unknown Uniform

    Thanks for looking and I am not really convinced it is German. It has a full black cloth lining with striped white lining in the sleeves and has no interior markings or removed labels, etc. Only the loose threads at the collar where the metal insignia were removed. The buttons are...
  20. SCHUPO

    Unknown Uniform

    Gents, This is an unknown Imperial German tunic made in the form of a double breasted frock coat. It is heavy blue wool with black cuffs and shoulder straps that are piped in light blue. The plain polished (Glatt) gold colored buttons are placed in pairs down the front as well as at the cuffs...