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  1. Sandmann

    Renovation of front and rear covers (canopies) picklehaube

    It looks awesome, very good job (y) Where did you get the leather for the repair? Or were you able to peel it off the visor whole? Thank you for sharing these repairs :)
  2. Sandmann

    Fireplace repair project for a colleague

    Great result and thank you for sharing (y)
  3. Sandmann

    M1895 EM helmet of the Infantry-Regiment No. 62

    Thank you Gentlemen, I appreciate your opinions :)
  4. Sandmann

    M1895 EM helmet of the Infantry-Regiment No. 62

    Hi Thierry, thank you very much, I‘m also really happy about this find :love:
  5. Sandmann

    There is not just "the Man Cave"...

    Yes, it's a Pickelhauben Easter egg hunt :LOL:
  6. Sandmann

    M1895 EM helmet of the Infantry-Regiment No. 62

    Thank you very much gentlemen, I really appreciate your opinions :) @Philippe: This is also a wonderful shiny helmet and worse to photograph. I'm still testing different methods to find the right one for photographing those highly reflective helmets o_O
  7. Sandmann

    Varnishes (lacquers) for copper parts for picklehaube

    Very interesting, thank you for all your efforts (y)
  8. Sandmann

    My SOS Purchases

    Congratulations Brian, I‘m looking forward to see the restored helmets (y)
  9. Sandmann

    M1895 EM helmet of the Infantry-Regiment No. 62

    Thank you Lady and Gentlemen (y) I thought the same when I saw it on Age of Kings and I‘m glad that the buy went very smoothly :)
  10. Sandmann

    Imperial Prussian 1st Garde Regiment zu Fuß EM Pickelhaube 'Semper Talis'

    Great information, thank you gor sharing (y)
  11. Sandmann

    M1895 EM helmet of the Infantry-Regiment No. 62

    Dear Friends, today I‘d like to show you my latest acquisition for my collection. It’s a beautiful M1895 helmet for enlisted men in a really wonderful condition. Although these helmets aren’t rare, you don’t see it in such condition every day. It is fully stamped in accordance to the...
  12. Sandmann

    Question about officers and Royal liners.

    Congratulations John Josef. It makes sense when you have found it in Munich. A great find (y) My only sabre is also from him ☺️
  13. Sandmann

    My Great-Great-Grandfather Wilhelm Wagner c1880

    Hello Taylor and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately I don't know much about uniforms either, but what I can tell you is that the mounted units were very special at the time. Ordinary people were only recruited to the infantry. The fact that he was a member of the Ulans means that he came from...
  14. Sandmann

    Question about officers and Royal liners.

    Every Member of a leading noble family was given an unique royal cipher based on their first name. Normal nobles certainly wanted to have similar cyphers, but there were very many nobles and therefore these cyphers were hardly unique. I don’t think that there was an official database for cyphers...
  15. Sandmann

    Helmet arrived while i was at SOS

    Congratulations Amy, another beautiful helmet :love:
  16. Sandmann

    Tips on Cleaning Residue from Pickelhaube Shell?

    You will find 3 original lacquer recipes of the 19th century on my website:
  17. Sandmann

    Leib-Kürassier Cuirass

    Wonderful piece, congratulations (y)
  18. Sandmann

    Donations 2024

    There is a Paypal donate button on the landing page.
  19. Sandmann

    Matching rear spine to leather body.

    Hi Wojtek, your and Brians tips are very valuable, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us (y) Could you please also explain how to fix the shape of a rear visor with bent corners? What would you use to hold it in position while drying? Thank you in advance for your explanation.
  20. Sandmann

    Officer's Helm Authenticity (Again)

    Looks correct in my eyes too, a beautiful helmet :)