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  1. KIR145

    Trying to save Kaiser’s Bunker

    Tony, I'm very sorry to hear that, a really great site - the best site for decades! (das einzige Wahre!) But you can still view the site via wayback-maschine: (it takes a while until everything is loaded!) I hope you can...
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    The Kaiser’s Prize (Kaiserschiessabzeichen)

    Steve, wonderful badges and picture - thank you very much for showing! ;) Best regards, Jens Kaiserabzeichen 1903, 1906,1907: 8. Komp. Inf.-Rgt. Nr.116 Kaiserabzeichen 1900 & 1901 maybe: 7. Komp. Füs.-Rgt. Nr.34 or 12. Komp. Inf.-Rgt. Nr.48
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    The Kaiser’s Prize (Kaiserschiessabzeichen)

    Steve, according to the Verordnung from the 2nd September 1903: "... that the badge is only awarded every two years and that it is only to be worn by the MG-Abteilung for one year. ..." ... so I assume that the entire MG Abteilung received the badge!??? In the "Taschenbuch des...
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    Konvolut Preußen WK1 Uniform Jacke Garde Husaren Pour le Mérite JGUS, EK1, Orden

    Hi, I won't say anything else without my lawyer!, but potential buyers have to ask themselves the following questions; > Assuming someone sells many several PLMs in the last months/years and continues to offer several PLMs every 6 to 8 weeks - how realistic is this? > What does an old imperial...
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    The Kaiser’s Prize (Kaiserschiessabzeichen)

    Hi Steve, here is my tunic with Kaiserabzeichen and Kaiserschnur! And you have to take a look into the back pockets inside (Schosstaschen) of your jacket, maybe there is also a label from the tailor? Sometimes there is also something "hidden" in there. ;) Best regards, Jens
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    Waffenrock Elizabeth Garde Grenadier Regt 3 / 4 Kp

    Steve, wonderful tunic! Congratulations! I think the Kaiserabzeichen is from Juncker (under the crown must be a small "CEJ"). :) Best regrads, Jens p.s.: there is also a story about this imperial badge for 1912. At first, the Erste Garde Regiment had acquired this award in 1912. But afterwards...
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    A summary of the history of the Prussian helmet eagles

    Hi, it is difficult with the guard eagle without a star, probably too many different variants (as Clovis 57 already wrote). (with straight or curved crossguard, Bandeau variants, number of tail feathers, sceptre with arcanthus flower or with small eagle, etc. ...) Many years ago I was talking...
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    The Kaiser’s Prize (Kaiserschiessabzeichen)

    Steve, that*s correct, but the FAR29 have the cypher "L" until May 1913 and the Königsabzeichen they won before that time. ;) Best regards, Jens
  9. KIR145

    The Kaiser’s Prize (Kaiserschiessabzeichen)

    Steve, yes - probably württemberger Field Artillery - the photo is from Ludwigsburg: ... and there was the Württemberger Field Artillery Regiment No. 29 & No.65. Both units won the Königsabzeichen: FAR29: 1895, 1898, 1901 - the FAR65: 1905 and 1912...
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    The Kaiser’s Prize (Kaiserschiessabzeichen)

    Steve, are there any details/informations on the backside (photographer & town name)? Otherwise, a big enlargement of the Schulterklappe would be helpful. ;) Greetings Jens @ nzef1940: the cartridge 1903 is really great - thanks for showing! (y) possible for 1903 & infantry : 1. Garde-R z...
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    Plates illustrating the New German field service uniform of the Prussian army.

    Hi, "Plates illustrating the New German field service uniform of the Prussian army." (1916): ... or PDF-Download-Link: ;) Best regards, Jens addition...
  12. KIR145

    My Great-Great-Grandfather Wilhelm Wagner c1880

    Hi Taylor, there are informations about a photo studio (+ town name) on the photograph (CdV). The 1. Ulan-Rgt. was in Barnberg, the 2. Ulan-Rgt. was in Ansbach. Best regards, Jens
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    The Crown Prince in the 1 G R zu Fuss

    ... great pictures, you will find some more here: ... and in color from Knötel here...
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    DR.25 unit photograph

    ... fantastic & congratulation 👍 Best regards, Jens Here you can find his short vita in the DR25 (page 515 / No. 295):[id]=11604&tx_dlf[page]=573
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    Prussian Fahnentrager

    Steve, here you will find 111 cards from Schild Verlag: ... generally a pretty good blog with many other interesting topics, here via google-translate (german / english)...
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    Prussian Fahnentrager

    Steve, unfortunately I no longer have the plates by Reinhold Redlin "Preußische Fahnen und Standarten". And you are right, unfortunately there is no comprehensive source / literature what exactly was written on all the banners. But I think that what we can seen on the card (Schild Verlag) should...
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    Prussian Fahnentrager

    Steve, there was about 16 Prussian line infantry units with the 1813 Säkularband (and only one of them was rheinisch). On the Säkularband 1813 is writen: "Infanterie des Lützowschen Freikorps" and this also fits for the Inf.-Rgt. von Lützow (1. Rheinisches) Nr. 25. Perhaps an enlargement of the...
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    Prussian Fahnentrager

    Hi, I agree - probably the Inf.-Rgt. Nr.25, established 1813 and from April 1910 in Aachen. Great picture Steve! Greetings Jens
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    Pietsch: Uniformierungs-Geschichte preuß. Heeres 1808-1910 Download

    Hi everyone, here is a download link to Paul Pietsch's "Formations- und Uniformierungs-Geschichte des preußischen Heeres 1808 - 1910"...
  20. KIR145

    Insignia on the sleeves.

    Hi, here are some illustrations of sleeve badges. Best regards, Jens