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  1. SkipperJohn

    Old photos are gone, and new photos won't post

    I recently (yesterday) looked at one of the posts I wrote in the past and discovered that my photos are gone! I checked out a couple of my other posts and those photos are gone as well. I tried to write a short post just to see if I could add a photo and that doesn't work for me either. It seems...
  2. SkipperJohn

    Just on the off chance, rear spine required

    Try this: John
  3. SkipperJohn

    Model 1845 Bavarian Raupenhelm

    Bernard, Due to forces beyond my control I have been absent from the forum for a while. I noticed your comment and, of course, I disagree. The helmet may not have been originally manufactured with nuts holding the Raupe; however, if it was not built this way it is a period repair. I decided to...
  4. SkipperJohn

    The Prussian Kokarde

    Sandy, You can use any pictures, measurements, or information of mine that you need. John
  5. SkipperJohn


    I just found this on YouTube. Some of you may find it interesting. John
  6. SkipperJohn


    Mission partially accomplished thanks to Mark! This forum has the greatest people. Mark gave me access to resources that were previously unavailable and it proved successful. Thank you Mark. Much appreciated! John
  7. SkipperJohn


    After reviewing my above request I realized that it is a little vague. I am looking for three Irish coins to complete a collection. I am not having good luck finding them here. Anyone willing to assist me in finding these, your help would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  8. SkipperJohn


    Do we have any forum members in Ireland who would be willing to help me with a wee favor? It is not Pickelhaube related, but deals with another collection. Please PM me if you can be of assistance and I will send you my personal e-mail. Go raibh maith agat! 🍀 John
  9. SkipperJohn

    German Austrian mail home helmets

    Johan, PM sent. John
  10. SkipperJohn

    German Austrian mail home helmets

    Pickelhaube or Stahlhelm? John
  11. SkipperJohn

    Fuss Artillery Regt .shoulder straps

    Yes I did. I only look for shoulder straps associated with helmets I own, so admittedly, I haven't read the entire book. John
  12. SkipperJohn

    Fuss Artillery Regt .shoulder straps

    Again I learned something. I thought the Fußartillerie straps on the M15 tunic were grey. I know that around 1915 units called artillery measuring squads were formed. These were later designated Lichtmeßtruppen and "LM" appeared on their yellow shoulder straps. The units were attached to...
  13. SkipperJohn

    Fuss Artillery Regt .shoulder straps

    Live and learn. I thought all pre-war enlisted Fußartillerie straps were white. John
  14. SkipperJohn

    What is this?

    Thanks Brian. Do you have any idea what type of liquor it was? Did the spike sit that high on the one you had? John
  15. SkipperJohn

    What is this?

    I have been watching this item for some time and I am thinking of buying it. It is not old, but I might buy it as a novelty. Does anybody know what originally came in this "helmet"? Initially I thought it might be...
  16. SkipperJohn

    Another possible find that I need help with.

    This is a reproduction probably made in Britain in the 1970's. Shy away. John
  17. SkipperJohn

    13th Uhlan Regiment - circa 1897

    It looks like his Tschapka is about three sizes too small. John
  18. SkipperJohn

    Inflation to Hyperinflation

    My favorite coin: It wouldn't buy a healthy meal in 1923 Germany. John