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  1. meme32

    Mauser C96 Broomhandle Shoulder Stock

    Hi Everyone, I am selling this nice original Mauser C96 shoulder stock. I have identified to be a model for the classical Model 1912 - pre war C96. It is in very good condition except for the classical fine crack on the underside which has now been repaired. Price : 680 euros shipping costs...
  2. meme32

    Skull Braunschweig

    Hallo Reiner, Very nice helmet but hqrd to get an opinion from the pictues ! Would it be possible to unscrew the wappen and see the backside ? Kind regards
  3. meme32


    I missed it for a few seconds....I am quite pissed off !
  4. meme32


    already sold.... Someone was quicker than me !
  5. meme32

    Trying to save Kaiser’s Bunker

    Great news Tony ! Your site is the best one !
  6. meme32

    Prussian pair of epaulettes for a Lieutenant-Colonel in the 1st Guards-Ulanen Regiment

    For sale is this very nice pair of Epauletten for an Oberstleutant im 1.Garde Uhlanen Regiment. The item is in France but I can ship worldwide, please just ask for the shipping fees. I would like to sell it for 650 Eur. Thanks
  7. meme32

    Officer's Helm Authenticity (Again)

    Thanks for the link !
  8. meme32

    Officer's Helm Authenticity (Again)

    I also like it a lot ! If you do not purchase it, I will do so !
  9. meme32

    Is that a good Mle 1867 prussian enlisted Pickelhaube

    Thanks a lot for your replies !
  10. meme32

    DR.25 unit photograph

    That's great piece of history !!!!
  11. meme32

    Is that a good Mle 1867 prussian enlisted Pickelhaube

    Dear members, I am mainly collectiong Officer Pickelhaube but a friend of mine is asking for opinions on this helmet : I have identified it as a 1867 Pickelhaube with a bad spike, so I would say it is a put together helmet. The Kokarden are also fakes ( according to me) Am I right ? I would be...
  12. meme32

    The crazy war room

    Oh my God ! Reiner, this is beautiful ! The Grand Cross are originals or reproductions ?
  13. meme32

    Restoration of a 2nd Empire Shako

    Hi Marty Indeed it is the right configuration and you do have a nice 2nd Empire Shako of the 17th Infantry regiment. This is a nice item in its full original configuration. Kind regards
  14. meme32

    Baden Reserve Officer?

    Nice one, it looks having the extra tall spike !
  15. meme32


    Just beautiful Reiner ! Your collection is just stunning !
  16. meme32

    Looking for some Epauletten and Shoulder boards

    Thanks Steve ! I would need to be very patient....
  17. meme32

    Looking for some Epauletten and Shoulder boards

    Good evening gentlemen, I was wondering if anyone had the below items available for sale or trade : A pair of Epauletten for Pionier Offizier ( preferably rank of Major or above) A pair of Feldgrau shoulder boards of an officer of the Bayer. Leib Infantry regiment A pair of Litzen for the...