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  1. Snaffles

    Kaisersammler Sammlung

    Amazing collection! Love the feldgrau- and the rest! All the best Michael
  2. Snaffles

    JzPf M15.

    That’s great news, Coert! All the best Michael
  3. Snaffles

    Trying to save Kaiser’s Bunker

    Great news!
  4. Snaffles

    Waffenrock Elizabeth Garde Grenadier Regt 3 / 4 Kp

    Very nice tunic Steve. Looks like it is in excellent condition. Very lucky to be able to return it to your collection. All the best Michael
  5. Snaffles

    2 L H R 2

    Wow! Fantastic! Michael
  6. Snaffles

    Prussian Enlisted Miter Model 1824-1889-1894 for Enlisted Man.

    Very nice mitre (and collection)! All the best Michael
  7. Snaffles

    U.R. 11 ulanka

    Very nice ulanka- and very nice collection of ulankas!! All the best Michael
  8. Snaffles

    Imperial Prussian 1st Garde Regiment zu Fuß EM Pickelhaube 'Semper Talis'

    Excellent explanation and guide. Very helpful. All the best Michael
  9. Snaffles

    Worth a quick look

    Very impressive. Thanks for posting the photos. Michael
  10. Snaffles

    LGHR e m issue in Feldgrau

    Not sure how I missed this post! Amazing tunic. Michael
  11. Snaffles

    Hessen Leib Helmet and others

    Superb! All the best Michael
  12. Snaffles

    U R 13

    Wow! They are exceptional! Michael
  13. Snaffles

    KR6 EM

    Very nice! Michael
  14. Snaffles

    Garde H R

  15. Snaffles

    1 Garde Dragoon Regt

    Very nice! Michael
  16. Snaffles

    Saxon Garde Reiter enlisted Koller

    Wow! Amazing set - including the tunics in the background! Michael
  17. Snaffles

    5 Garde Regt zu Fuss

    Very nice waffenrock. Michael
  18. Snaffles

    Prussian Garde Infantry Feldgrau

    Excellent as always! All the best Michael
  19. Snaffles

    HR17 Tellermütze

    Very very special! Fantastic set! All the best Michael
  20. Snaffles

    2024 SOS Door Gift from

    Hi Amy I am in the UK. I am hoping Coert considers us to still qualify as part of Europe ☺️. All the best Michael