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    Napoleon movie

    I cant help but feel a little bit disappointed with the film. Like previously mentioned i just thought Waterloo was poorly done. However, it did get me to re-watch the 1970's 'waterloo' with Steiger and Plummer again and i also dug out charge of the light brigade after that as well. I think it...
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    Help with identifying please folks

    Any information greatly appreciated on a portrait i recently acquired please everyone? Not really up to speed with French uniforms. 6eme chasseurs ? Idea of rank ? Thanks in advance, Woz
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    Uhlans in the field

    Nice pic that, interesting.
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    Manufacturer and size are on point as you would hope. Just don't feel it myself. But no expert by any means,
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    Side view looks good
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    Not enough flaring here for me , just wanted to run this pic past you guys for your opinion. :D
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    M18 EAR CUT OUT,,,,,,IF YOU DONT ASK..........

    :thumb up: YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SELL IT!! :lol:
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    This Belongs In A Museum

    I bet it will fetch a handsome price regardless. On a side note, still after a cut M18 if anyone has one for sale........worth a try......
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    This Belongs In A Museum

    Haha , perfectly put Tony. I think we can guess your implications. Made me snigger.
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    Hello from Germany

    Hello mate, welcome!!
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    Model 1914 LEWIS Guns

    I see Worldwide Arms has a couple of these at 6750 pounds. Very nice but is this the going rate now? Not that i could afford one regardless :D :-({|=
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    Leib-Kurassier Enlisted Cuirass

    Wow, very nice indeed.
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    Bavarian tschapka UR 1 - sold

    timp_be has had a fall out with bavaria. A nice m15 next perhaps?? If so pm me lol.
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    joke thread

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    joke thread

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    joke thread

    If anybody's got any ideas on how to fix my terrible condensation problem, please pop round, the kettle's always on.
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    hi from france

    Hi from the UK :thumb up:
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    Fort de Ruyter

    Interesting thanks :)
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    New project M-15 Garde Infantry.

    That is amazing work :o
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    joke thread