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  1. pickelhauben

    Anyone else have to do yard work?

    We evacuated for this storm ( Ida) and were gone for 2 weeks. This is what we got home to. The power was out for 1 week after that. We went back to Panama City during that week. The power was out for 2-3 months for Katrina. We stayed at my sister's house in Tallahassee for that storm.
  2. pickelhauben

    Anyone else have to do yard work?

    Here we go I found them. It took about 2 days to clear a path to my front door. That is a lot of yard work !
  3. pickelhauben

    Re-Issued Time and Again

    Hey Guys, I just noticed this helmet on German ebay . I tis a simple em helmet that has been re-issued about 6 times or so. The holes have been blanked over time and again along with SEVERAL unit stampings...
  4. pickelhauben

    Anyone else have to do yard work?

    I have to do yard work especially after a storm passes through. Trying to find pictures of one time I could not get to my front door after a storm do to the branches falling off of my 100 year old live oak.
  5. pickelhauben

    Felt ersatz, is it real?

    The felt helmet looks good in the pics but ...... The spike and front trim were dug and repolished. Look at the base with the cracks on it. Hard to tell about the wappen, it looks to be ground dug as well. A pic of the back of the wappen may tell the tale. This is defiantly a parts helmet with...
  6. pickelhauben

    Prussian Felt M95 helmet

    Should be a relative easy fix. You were the high bid on this one beating me out !!! I am happy for you !!!
  7. pickelhauben

    Cloth Covered 1895 Filzhelme

    Very nice !
  8. pickelhauben

    Ersatz pickelhaube

    The extra holes do seem to have been there for a long time. One of the attachment loops has been resoldered with a brass loop. This defiantly would be post war. Other than the chewed out liner this presents a ersatz very well.
  9. pickelhauben


    They actually come up every now and then on the French and German eBay's.
  10. pickelhauben


    I have my doubts . The front plate looks to be a copy of a plate from New Deli The original had silver hardware and was a fireman's helmet missing the small wappen. It was a 1870 style that was a lot taller than the one seen here. The second helmet had brass hardware but was still the 1870 style...
  11. pickelhauben

    Colonel Klink’s Prussian helmet

    I have my doubts. Are you sure ?
  12. pickelhauben

    A PB10 M60 to clean and readjust

    That cleaned up real good !
  13. pickelhauben

    M1850 Hannover helm

    Lovely. Where are you finding these OLD soldiers ?
  14. pickelhauben

    Prussian 1906 Field-Gray Versuchshelm

    Gabe , You hit a home run here.
  15. pickelhauben

    My Collection

    Very nice display !
  16. pickelhauben

    History of the Renault FT Tank

    I agree you did a great job. I would love to do the Renault in 1/18 scale.
  17. pickelhauben

    Marine-Infanterie Officer O/Lt d.Res Feldgrau

    Love your shako. Thanks for sharing !