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  1. DoneDoing

    SOLD WW1 M17 German Camouflage Helmet with Chinstrap

    SOLD, Thank you to the buyer.
  2. DoneDoing

    SOLD WW1 M17 German Camouflage Helmet with Chinstrap

    WW1 Original Camouflaged Helmet. Two inner pads are missing, behind the leather but one is there. Size 64 and made by E.T. Shipping is FREE around the world, Signed for mail. $895 USD through paypal friends
  3. DoneDoing

    SOLD German Pickelhaube 1895 helmet WW1 1915 Prussian

    $595 USD WW1 1895 Model Pickelhaube Prussian. In VGC with all original components, including the hard to find chinstrap. Paypal only. Sent via Tracked & Signed for mail. Price for postage is $40 from Sydney Australia Posted here...
  4. DoneDoing

    Innenfutter/lining renovation

    Yes it certainly seems to be, I also like the flexabilty of it too it kind of moves with the fabric without re-tearing.
  5. DoneDoing

    Innenfutter/lining renovation

    Hi again Wojtek As you know I bought some of that glue and did an experiment with regards to washing a t-shirt after I repaired it.....and then washed it again and it seems to be holding up just as well when I glued it. Just thought I'd let you know seeing it was your good self that pointed...
  6. DoneDoing

    Innenfutter/lining renovation

    Nice to know about that glue, I just ordered some too. Is it strong Wojtek? Great job as usual.
  7. DoneDoing

    Tschapka Restoration

    As always it's a pleasure and an education to watch you at work, exceptional skills & patience make for an amazing job. Very well done.
  8. DoneDoing

    Nice tschapka with potential on Ebay France...

    I'm enjoying this......if anyone can fix it's you & Brian, great work as usual!
  9. DoneDoing

    First attempt at a helmet restoration

    You did a great job even if it wasn't your first restoration, I'd admire the patience these demand and their repairs people like yourself complete. Did you consider replicating the crazing within the repaired areas......just a thought.
  10. DoneDoing

    New Display of Pickelhaubes for 2022

    Absolutely outstanding to look at others collections, truly jaw-dropping. I don't have a display as such to indulge others as I prefer to keep what I have to be of minimal display and I do love to handle them.....constantly. I collect only what I deem to be works of art as I'm an art conservator...
  11. DoneDoing

    Two Helmets From Singapore

    Amazing work as always and very appreciative of the updates.
  12. DoneDoing

    eBay Fake Warning

    Be careful ww1czechlegion. ebay only care about sellers that make money for them....they don't care about legalities albeit I admire what you're doing and it's about time someone did it. They may suspend you. I did something similar years ago even down to research who was buying the crap and...
  13. DoneDoing

    Stahlhelm camouflage.

    The camo looks real enough but the damage (crack) makes the price somewhat lower. The liners & the chinstraps for these can be as nearly a much as the camos........just sayin.
  14. DoneDoing

    WW2 German Helmet Chicken Wire Basket

    I've had this for awhile but have never had any use for it. I'm assuming over time the crown has deteriorated and broken or been cut off. The main support would be a bed spring. $95USD plus $34 postage to anywhere. Paypal will work.
  15. DoneDoing

    Baden 110th Regiment Issue Marked M95 Enlisted Helmet woodwork find

    ........don't know what's better, the helmet or your photography skills. Both superb!
  16. DoneDoing

    Tschapka little renovation

    Always good to see your works Wojtek, it's inspiring!
  17. DoneDoing

    Koffer restoration

    Wow and only 16 hours, an amazing job Wojtek.
  18. DoneDoing

    Here we go again ?

    Everything bar the helmet are fake, all the time! I'm yet to see an original liner or chinstrap at the least!
  19. DoneDoing

    Here we go again ?

    There are ways to upset him, enlighten others of this particular scammer and to create a conversation about him but it would take some effort. I have done this before with another many years ago with another scammer in a different medium. I'm getting older and don't have the energy these days...