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    Hessen Train Battalion 18 & 25 1900 Issued Pickelhaube

    I was amazed to see that Randy and Remy at Age of Kings Militaria just sold a very similar example last Friday on their update.
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    Hessen Train Battalion 18 & 25 1900 Issued Pickelhaube

    Here's a link to my other, older Hessen Train Battalion helmet that I found a few years ago. I should take a photo of them side by side.
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    Hessen Train Battalion 18 & 25 1900 Issued Pickelhaube

    Last photos. U.S. G.I.'s laundry number scratched into the underside of the front visor:
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    Hessen Train Battalion 18 & 25 1900 Issued Pickelhaube

    Here's a helmet I found recently. Thanks to James for his "2nd set of eyes" in helping me check it out before I purchased it. I added the Hessen & National Kokardes. The back visor needs to be re-stitched, but it displays nicely as it is. Looks like there is a penciled name in the forehead...
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    Looking for photos of Schaumburg-Lippe Flügeladjutant's Pickelhaube

    Brian posted photos starting back in 2020, of some of Jim Turinetti's Flugel Adjutant helmets. The thread is found here, starting with post #19 going forward, first showing a post 1912 Lippe Flugel Adjutant helmet:
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    Kavalleriemuseum Vornholz

    Hello, Is there any chance that the photos could be restored here? I was telling a forum member at the recent O.V.M.S. "Cornfield" Show about this museum. Unfortunately I could not remember the name Castle "Haus Vornholz", near Münster in Westfalen, Germany. Does anyone here know if this...
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    She loves wearing the helms!

    I momentarily did not realize that I had a news article URL address in my computer cache about voter ballot harvesting and stuffing ballot boxes, and a person named wanda who got arrested for doing such, along with some other people who got caught and arrested. The news article nicknamed the...
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    She loves wearing the helms!

    Seller likely has multiple examples of this Prussian Feldzeichen in stock. She is well known for having nice quality modern made parts. Check her other listings on eBay Germany. Here are two more available which I just now found while doing a search of her 3,500 listings on eBay Germany. Here...
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    Shooting Lanyard with 1-Acorn, in excellent condition

    Thanks George, I just sent you a private message. Best Wishes, Alan
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    Shooting Lanyard with 1-Acorn, in excellent condition

    Offered for sale is an excellent example of the 1st level grade Shooting Lanyard with 1-acorn. Price: $125 or "Best Offer" + Postage. Payment via PayPal is o.k., I prefer "friends and family". USA Postage: $6.00 via U.S. Postal Service "Ground Select" with Tracking, mailed in a large bubble...
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    New member, old pickelhuabe, looking for info

    You're welcome! I now see the 5th photo you added above shows the full interior/underside of your helmet. Thanks for posting it here. I've seen Hessen or Hessian officer helmets that have the front plate emblem or wappen attached by vertical placed screw posts. But this would be a first for me...
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    Kube May 2024

    Hi Mike, I waited earlier this year for a little over 2-month's time period before I received a helmet from Portugal, the Baden reservist helmet that Brian is currently working on getting the dent pushed back out on the helmet body. The seller said they were waiting for "export papers" like...
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    New member, old pickelhuabe, looking for info

    Hello, Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your recent acquisition. Your helmet is a Hessen or Hessian Model 1915 Enlisted man's helmet. The helmet body and the fittings appear to be original, including the chinstrap and the two kokardes (colored disks). One strange thing I see is...
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    More pictures

    Your sister did fine work with the photos she took. There's nothing wrong with them, and they are of good quality and very helpful for everyone to see here. They're actually nicer quality photos than some adults I know are able to shoot. I'm guessing that you may have forgotten that you started...
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    Help please!

    Welcome to the forum Hunter9707. The photo from the other post disappeared and is no longer visible there. Coert is right, please post photos of the 4-sides of the helmet and a full interior photo. Please also show any markings if there are any on the underside of the back visor. We'll be...
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    GdC - who beat me to this one

    Sorry you missed this one Charles. Of course it wasn't me who got it, as it is far outside of my affordability realm. I like to joke and say that I am a "bottom feeder" who simply takes what I can get by finding things out of the woodwork, often times with families who still have helmets and...
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    A Hauptmann in IR 64

    Hi Mike, I believe that is stands for "Orden Pour le Merite". Or in other words, he was the awardee of the Order of the Pour le Merite or otherwise known as the "Blue Max" in English speaking collector slang. The various awards received by any given officer are listed beside each of the...
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    M15 Bavarian OR Helmet Wappen or Front Plate

    SOLD! Sold on eBay for $100. Thanks, Alan
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    5-Collector Reference Books for Sale

    Still Available: 5.) "The Wolseley Helmet In Pictures From Omdurman To El Alamein" by Stuart Bates with Peter Suciu. 127-Pages, loaded with excellent photos. Book is basically in "new" condition. Price: $25 or "Best Offer" + $6 Media Mail Postage in USA.
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    5-Collector Reference Books for Sale

    SOLD: SOLD 1.) "Spiked Helmets of Imperial Germany Volume 1: Infantry Regiments, Pioneer Battalions, General Officers" by Wm. Randall Trawnik. SOLD 2.) "Imperial German Military Officers' Helmets & Head Dress 1871-1918" by Thomas N.G. Stubbs. Many thanks to the buyer! Alan