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  1. Khukri


    Indeed! Fingers crossed!
  2. Khukri

    Looking wappen jaeger zu pferde 8 rgt. or preussen dragoner

    Interesting! ?You have unit stamped JzPf helmet shell?🤩
  3. Khukri


    A very nice Raupenhelm! Discription says Wollraupe/Wool. -As this part has no leather.. Would it be OK to wrap the Raupe/caterpillar in a plastic bag and put it in the freeezzzzer for 48 Hours??? [Killing the little beasts]. But. . Second thought...better not: as the stitches might snap? -The...
  4. Khukri

    Shiny and new !

    All shiny!
  5. Khukri

    Rare M1873 Bavarian Feld Gendarme helmet

    A great find! Going to do some reading in that fine book now. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Khukri

    Felt helmet repair

    Great job!
  7. Khukri

    Colonel Klink’s Prussian helmet

    The Boys from Brazil...
  8. Khukri

    Spike cleaning

    I used one to clean before reloading my own rifle/handgun ammo. The cartridge cases come out fine.
  9. Khukri

    Spike cleaning

    Great job Wojtek!
  10. Khukri

    Books added

    1963-1966 Paul PIETSCH -"Formations und Uniformierunggeschichte des Preußischen Heeres. 1808-1914" -Band I: Fußtruppen -Band II: Kavallerie u.a.
  11. Khukri

    Books added

    1928 -Heavy weight. "Die deutsche Kavallerie in Krieg und Frieden"
  12. Khukri

    Mod. 1900 helmet for other ranks of East Expeditionary Corps

    Great! -Please: could you post a picture of the unscrewed metal cup/cap-upside down; on top of the helmet. Thank you! -I learned about these Muster/Pattern in Larcade's book. Went to see it at Fort de La Pompelle.
  13. Khukri

    belgian adrian

    A fine Belgian!
  14. Khukri

    Prussian cockade in Hessian style

    My pleasure!
  15. Khukri

    Pawn Stars

  16. Khukri

    Prussian cockade in Hessian style

    Indeed; crazy price! -This is what J.L. LARCADE is writing in his Volume II: "The Offz helmet for the Regiment Nr. 1 has the unique chinscales according to the tradition: in accordance with the Regimental history they date back to a batch of war booty of the 1814 War: taken from the Manufacture...
  17. Khukri

    The Jensen Collection Part II

    Nice collection! -I was in the Air Defense Artillery Branch; Belgian Army. for 32 years. We had the Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer GEPARD. 35mmKDA Oerlikon twins; double trouble.
  18. Khukri

    Helmet Plates/Wappen For Beginners

    Thank you Brian! This is great!