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    Your collection's fate?

    My youngest son, who is 50 now, is very interested in my collection and my will makes sure that he gets it. However, I have known of collectors who made arrangements with a trusted collector friend who was willing to dispose of the collection, piece by piece. The surviving spouse knows of the...
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    Mecklenburg Schwerin Grenadier Regt 89 or Fusilier Regt 90 a one year volunteer

    For what it is worth coming from a novice--absolutely beautiful.
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    The flags of the Kaiser Garde Grenadier Regt. 1 / I Batl and IV Batl on parade

    Steve, I am totally amazed at the apparent extent of your collection. You have let us peek in a few times but from what you have shown, I'm betting that your collection is awesome. Thank you.
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    Uhlan Regt. 13 Kettle Drummer

    Thanks Glenn. It is about 5 full pages, so asking someone to translate is not an option.
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    Uhlan Regt. 13 Kettle Drummer

    That is a neat detail Bob. Several years back, I bought an assortment of 13U memorabilia out of Germany. I assume that it came from a family who were not really interested in the military history of a long gone relative. Included was a type written history of a battle (in German of course)...
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    Uhlan Regt. 13 Kettle Drummer

    Yes I do Steve. Why do you ask?
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    Uhlan Regt. 13 Kettle Drummer

    Here's another.
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    Alabama Military Collectors Association, Inc. (AMCA) Spring Show April 23rd and 24th, 2021!

    Is Imperial German memorabilia acceptable to the AMCA? I live in Scottsboro and am just wondering since you state that it covers from the U.S. civil war through Vietnam.
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    CRUSHED !!!

    Now, that is a resurrection. Beautiful workmanship.
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    Uhlan mounted

    Yes, those are pretty neat sabers Bob. I had not seen one until sometimes last year and before I knew what was happening, I had purchased two of them. Besides the curved blade, the grip has several different features from the Prussian version.
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    New website and posting pictures

    Bob told me how to do it and I did. It's the easiest that I have seen on any forum. Thanks again Bob.
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    Wanted Deaths Head Busby

    Check out this site: They have two: 17HR for $7,495 and 1LHR for $11,996. Yes, they are a bit pricy.
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    Engraved iron cross

    I love it!
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    Eastern Front.

    In the second photo, the troopers have their lances held in the upside down position. Does anyone know why? I have no idea.
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    7th Hussar NCO mounted

    I am a member of two Luger forums Bob. There are sporadic offerings there. I also have some good Luger contacts. I will keep an eye out. In the meantime, you might explore joining the Luger forums. The two forums mentioned can be found at and the other at