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  1. JohnM

    Dragoon Helmet

    Wow Philippe!!! Thank you so much!!! That was awesome and super fast research!!! I owe you a beer!
  2. JohnM

    13 Train Lazarette They would have worn a Wurt helmet with a gilded cruciform spike base and cornered front visor. Similar to this:
  3. JohnM

    Dragoon Helmet

    Sandy, I believe that the 1st Geneva Convention only prohibited attacks on Hospitals and Mobile Medical facilities. I suspect that any Medics, Doctors or other medical personal captured in battle or who have surrendered would be treated as any other military prisoner but may have had special...
  4. JohnM

    Dragoon Helmet

    Wayne, PM me an email so if I see something I will let you know. John, I haven't been looking at EM Dragoon helmet prices lately as I purchased mine for $990 about 5 years ago and used that as my benchmark. If $2k is the going rate for a EM dragoner helmet then it is what it is. Mine is not...
  5. JohnM

    Dragoon Helmet

    Wayne, Just to recap what Bruno, John and myself have pointed out, there are marked problems with that helmet. That is a lot of money to spend on an fundamentally faulted helmet. You can never explain away the incorrect rear spine. Even if the helmet was depot marked to a dragoner regiment, the...
  6. JohnM

    My little Pickelhaubes collection…

    Awesome display Sandy!!! That is an absolutely top notch collection and display! Hopefully you will need a bigger wall so you can acquire and display more helmets!!! 🤪 John
  7. JohnM

    Dragoon Helmet

    Wow... Boy, did I overlook the obvious!!!! Here I was looking at the minutia! Bruno is completely right! Thank you for the save Bruno!
  8. JohnM

    Dragoon Helmet

    Wayne, Overall, it's not a bad helmet. It's good but has some minor faults. I see the following: Cross on Wappen Eagle crown is broken off. Tip of the spike seems damaged. Does it screw on tightly or is it loose? Little bit of damage to the liner but not terrible. If I were in your shoes, I...
  9. JohnM

    A Few Foot Garde Portraits

    Dirk, Welcome to the forum! Fantastic pair of photos and thank you very much for sharing your collection with us! Eager to see what other treasures you will surprise us with. John
  10. JohnM

    Trying to figure out how much my 1916 Damaschke is worth

    Your $1000 starting price on Ebay might be a little high as you don't have cockades or a chinstrap but who knows... Just so you have a reference, Alan sold a very nice complete one not too long ago for $1250...
  11. JohnM

    14th Hussar Regiment 1871 Group photo

    Fantastic job to all three of you Bob, Bruno and Glenn!!! You make history come alive again with your knowledge and sharing!!! Impressive on so many levels. John
  12. JohnM


    Nicely done Bruno! You must be a surgeon in your spare time! =)
  13. JohnM

    Help Identifying Überrock

    Hello Haka and Welcome! First off, let me say that is a fantastic uberrock in excellent condition! Congratulations. Now for the tough part. The identification based on the collar and button color alone will be very difficult since there are quite a number of regiments/branches that shared the...
  14. JohnM

    Feldgrau Garde Grouping

    Michael, What a way to make an introduction!!! Absolutely fantastic!!! Hats off to you. Simply marvelous! John
  15. JohnM

    I R 91 Oldenburg

    Way to go Steve!!! Very nice! John
  16. JohnM

    Topless beauties

    Bruno and Tony, You both have just displayed some fantastic museum worthy, jealousy inducing tschapkas! I always wondered where all the mint helmets have gone. Lucky bastions! John
  17. JohnM

    Topless beauties

    Outstanding Bruno!!! Simply outstanding!!!! John
  18. JohnM

    Sachsen U.R.21 schirmütze

    Love, love it Zeb!!!! Way to go!
  19. JohnM

    Kaiserlichemarine konvolut.

    Zebedeus!!! Your collection is beyond outstanding!!! I am super envious!!! If you have a spare Seebattalion Officer wappen please let me know!!! John
  20. JohnM

    Ulanka my love forever.

    Wooohooo!!!!! What a wonderful collection! Spectacular! Thank you for sharing it with us! John