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  1. Sandmann

    My little Pickelhaubes collection…

    Dear fellow Forum-Members, it took a while but now the last boards has been custom crafted and my Helmets are on place. With 3 lovely Helmets I’m happy to start calling them “collection“ :) The good thing for such a small collection is that I can display it in my livingroom, but the bad thing is...
  2. Sandmann

    Kaiser Wilhelm II. meets Theodore Roosevelt in Döberitz

    Just found this photo with Roosevelt in Germanyübungsplatz-Döberitz/P1987.36/mkg-e00146940?s=kaiser+wilhelm&h=20)
  3. Sandmann

    About the invention and introduction of the Pickelhaube in Prussia

    Dear friends, today I‘d like to share the results of my research about the invention and introduction of the Pickelhaube in Prussia. Much has been written about it, unfortunately also contradicting or sometimes only poor information were available. That’s why I wanted to find more informations...
  4. Sandmann

    Officer-Helmet - Füsilier-Reg. 80/86, Royal Infantry-Reg. 145 or Infantry-Reg. 25

    Dear fellow Forum-Members, it took a while, but today I‘m proud to introduce my latest addition to my collection :) It‘s a Helmet from 1900/1914, worn by an Officer of the Füsilier-Reg.-No. 80/86 or Infantry-Reg.-No. 25 with a black Parade-Plume (most likely Buffalo hair, like prescribed for...
  5. Sandmann

    Original or collectors edition?

    Dear Forum-Members, I found this Helmet on and I‘m not sure if it is all original. That’s why I‘d like to know your opinions. The Helmet looks very good for me, but I haven‘t seen many Helmet with split pins used for the Spikebase and therefore no experience. Do you think the...
  6. Sandmann

    Colorized B/W-Photos

    Dear fellow Forum-Members, last year I started to coloring old photographs with imperial Germany themes. Now I got some examples which I‘d like to share with you. Hope you‘ll like it :)
  7. Sandmann

    Ulan-Soldiers sithout shine of parades

    Hi everybody, I just found these 2 pictures on gettyimages and would like to share it. I like these pictures because they show primarily the human beeings, not just the soldiers in splendid parades. (source...
  8. Sandmann

    Thoughts about JzP Officer-Helmet

    Dear Forum-Members, I‘m interested in a Jäger zu Pferd Officer-Helmet and found Article 50561 on It would be my first Metal-Helmet, that’s why I would like to know your opinions. What do you think about it? Any comment is welcome :)
  9. Sandmann

    Stunning Wappen

    Hello all, I just found this stunning Helmet on I love the Wappen... Just 8500€, maybe in another life :wink: Source:
  10. Sandmann

    Where is Administration ??

    Please ask for Brian. But you can also describe your Problem here in a politely way. Maybe other members can help you too.
  11. Sandmann

    Presentation-Frame Crown-Princess Victoria of Prussia

    Dear friends, I‘m very happy to show my latest addition to my collection :) It‘s a presentation frame with a signed photograph of Crown-Princess Victoria of Prussia, the later „Empress Frederick“. The Photograph is from 1883 and has been taken by the royal Photo-Studio „Reichard & Linder“...
  12. Sandmann

    Pickelhaube Officer-Liner Size 56/57

    Hello all, unfortunately I had to cancel my restoration project, because of hidden damages of the Helmet. That‘s why I‘d like to sale the Officer-Liner I bought for it. I’ve listed it on ebay if somebody is interested :)
  13. Sandmann

    Original recipes for black military Leather-Lacquer

    Last week I surfed in the Internet to get more Informations about stiching leather and painting Pickelhaubes. I’ve found a post in another Forum, where a Member stated that original Pickelhaubes-Lacquer contained not only black Shellac but soot and other things and that the knowlege of the...
  14. Sandmann

    My restoration of a torn Chin Scale

    This is my 1st restoration project and I oriented to Brian's very good and informative post "Anatomy of a Chin Scale #2". The repair was necessary because a Chin Scale of one of my Helmets was torn into 2 pieces and the previous owner „repaired“ it with Duct-Tape. Unfortunately Duct-Tape is...
  15. Sandmann

    Looking for arched Chin Scale

    Hello, I‘m looking for an arched Chin Scale with a length of 34 to 35 cm and out of gilded brass for Pickelhaubes. Looking forward to hear from you :)
  16. Sandmann

    Reserve Artillery-Officer

    Hello everybody, I‘m very pleased to show you my latest find which finally arrives today :D It‘s a „Landwehr“ Artillery-Officer Pickelhaube from around 1900. Unfortunately 2 star-bolts were missing when I bought it, but I have replaced it by 2 original bolts in similar color I have found. Now...
  17. Sandmann

    Train-Officer Helmet with M91-Chinscales?

    Hi all, I‘m happy to introduce a new Helmet. Normally I was just looking for 2 officer Star-Studs for an artillery Officer-Helmet I’ve won at an auction (I will introduce it when it arrives). But when I was looking for these Star-Studs this nice little Helmet crossed my way for only 450 €...
  18. Sandmann

    ebay Artillerie Officer Helmet

    Hello, what do you think about this Helmet? It looks nice for me... Any no go‘s I didn‘t see? Thanks for any comments :)
  19. Sandmann

    Kaiserhelmets offline

    Does anybody know what happened to the site I love the books of James Turinetti and it would be a big loss if no new „Pricing Guide“ will be released :(
  20. Sandmann

    Test...Forum didn‘t work for several days

    Hello all, I just want to test if the Forum is working again after the server downtime.