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  1. poniatowski

    Your collection's fate?

    Most of a museum's collection is never displayed, or displayed infrequently. However, what you describe is outrageous and shameful. A museum that won't de-access and sell off items that might become damaged or aren't part of their scope, are nothing more than scrap yards. Ron
  2. poniatowski

    Conservation of a Brass Pickelhaube after a recent buy

    I have a war bond helmet marked to GR 1 with a line plate (M15). The holes were enlarged. II don't know if that was during a re-work, but I don't think the war bond people would've bothered, so I think it's original to that helmet (?). Also an earlier Grenadier. This one has the holes for the...
  3. poniatowski

    US Customs Chicago

    UPS is similar from Germany.
  4. poniatowski

    US Customs Chicago

    IF you're flying into the US, Chicago is a nightmare as well, unless you're a diplomat or US service member. If you're flying, I'd strongly suggest a different entry point, such as Atlanta. (which is the only other I've been through)
  5. poniatowski

    This one will be a challenge.....

    Yeah, somebody really messed that up inside, so you have your work cut out for you. I'd be tempted to just leave it alone, as the damage is done. Just using the styro head for photoing I hope? Don't display helmets on styro heads... they're death to leather products.
  6. poniatowski

    Copies are getting better !!

    Since the auction states that the body of the helmet is a reproduction and parts are originals, then the way I see it is you're purchasing parts set up for display on a repro. shell. Not a bad idea.
  7. poniatowski

    Hello from France :D

    Bienvenue! N'hésitez pas à utiliser les programmes de traduction. C'est le sens, plutôt que la grammaire, qui est important.
  8. poniatowski

    Baden with box

    I had to do that with somebody who bid from China. First, the auction stated, "USA ONLY", THEN ebay wanted ME to pay postage. I refunded, offered it to the next highest bidder then when he didn't answer, I re-listed and it sold for more than the original auction. Ebay can be a real pain in the...
  9. poniatowski

    A bit too much to ask....

    Thanks for doing that Tony!
  10. poniatowski

    A bit too much to ask....

    I've been selling off non-German steel helmets and uniform bits as well as model kits on ebay. While running a French M15 shell, somebody contacted me to ask if would be be selling German headgear. 'Maybe in the future, but not now.' I replied, 'Besides, ebay really messes with German helmets...
  11. poniatowski

    One of our members, is going to the other side.

    I missed this too. Thank you for informing us. Ron
  12. poniatowski

    Just a Few Miles Away

    Glad I gave you folks a heads up. :D Ron
  13. poniatowski

    Just a Few Miles Away

    A fellow less than 30 miles from me is doing a lot of auctions with Pickelhaube and such. I had to ask him if this one was oiled or waxed inside. Maybe he'll invite me down to see them before the auctions end (?) Found out two things. He said the helmet was probably oiled inside by the owner...
  14. poniatowski

    Not German, but I think a WWII US Child's Helmet

    Here's the link. Sadly, I can only ship to the US, so that probably limits things quite a bit. The problem is that for international auctions, ebay sometimes wants to charge ME for shipping, and it all ends up being a huge mess, which I just don't want to deal with anymore. My ebay name is...
  15. poniatowski

    More Manufacturing Photos

    I use one similar for detailing armor. Very handy.
  16. poniatowski

    My M15's

    Very nice helmets! My first was an M15. :D Ron
  17. poniatowski

    Not German, but I think a WWII US Child's Helmet

    Hi all, I found this one years ago at a thrift store and thought it was interesting, having a good cross section of US 'doughboy' steel and plastic children's play helmets. This one is paper maché that was pressed into a mold, then painted, lacquered and the decal applied. I've never seen...
  18. poniatowski

    Captured German Helmets as Liberty Loan Prizes

    Here's one awarded to a nice lady in Texas. Not 'minty', but well marked:
  19. poniatowski

    Ersatz felt helmet with different , strange liner

    Quite seriously, if the price was right and the outside was good and the helmet interested me, I wouldn't care if the liner was replaced or missing. However, it's good to hear Alan's assessment. :D Ron
  20. poniatowski

    Rear visor

    Not for me. Why is it bothering you? Maybe I'm missing something. :D Ron