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    Saxon Kokarden

    Tony, it is not perfect but a pretty nice example of an issue GRR
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    Saxon Kokarden

    Jaeger Bn. 13
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    Oldenburg Kokarden

    M95 OJR 91
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    The Prussian Kokarde

    Line Kurassier officer
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    Oldenburg Kokarden

    OJR 91 Officer
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    Oldenburg Kokarden

    M1871 OJR 91
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    Anhalt Kokarden

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    Saxon Kokarden

    Garde Reiter Regiment
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    Saxon Kokarden

    Model 1867 Schwere Reiter Regiment
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    Hessen Kokarden

    Infantry Regiment 115
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    Mecklenburg Kokarden

    FR90 enlisted.
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    Wagner Silver-Gilt Pour le Mérite

    Very nice Charles.
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    Pointed helmets with Guard-Star without being of the Guard.

    I believe the U.S.B. marking indicates the NCO school at Biebrich. The school was opened in 1867 and in 1914 moved to Wetzlar. See Das Deutsche Heer, volume 1, page 246 and Militaerische Kopfbedeckungen der Kaiserzeit by Reiner Hermann, page 154.
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    Displaying Swords

    I use two styles of racks to hold swords. Both are simple to construct and can be adapted to swords or bayonets of any length. The first two are made from wood planks cut in a triangular shape to act as bases with dowels used as stringers to set the distance apart. Short dowels are then set into...
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    Early Saxon Shako Plates

    Here is the requested image.
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    Helmet marking

    A "go with" for the helmet and Tony's superb shoulder strap. The owner of the stein was originally in FAR 61 and then assigned to the Field artillery school.
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    Helmet marking

    The marking in your helmet is Field Artillery School located in Jueterbog. Reservist1
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    grenadier eagle?

    Steve: Yes it is. One of my favorite helmets. Reservist1
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    grenadier eagle?

    Here is an example of the helmet for Grenadier Regiment zu Pferd Nr. 3 with the correct front plate.
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    Computer Program for Collector Inventory

    I second Steve's post about Microsoft Access. A very good and flexible database that is easy to set up ands use.